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An Explanation Of 8 Major Google Algorithm Updates

Throughout the year, Google is constantly updating their search engines, but a vast majority of the time, they are too small to notice. That doesn't mean that the updates will always be small ones. Once in a while, you'll hear about updates that are bigger than the others. These bigger updates are fundamental enough to [...]

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Google Mobile-First Indexing To Be Applied To All Sites Within A Year

Notifications are being sent out by Google through Google Search Console with "mobile-first indexing issues detected" alerts. These emails indicates the issues Google has when it comes to moving the site over to mobile-first indexing. It also says “Google expects to apply mobile-first indexing to all websites in the next six to twelve months.” Mobile-first [...]

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Google floods Webmasters With ‘Mobile-First Indexing Enabled’ Notifications

Since September 14, Google has been sending out notices around mobile-first indexing being enabled for websites to a large number of webmasters.  It appears that this batch of notices is by far the single largest batch of notices seen since they officially began sending these types of batch notifications around the mobile-first indexing change. The following is a screen shot that [...]

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Google Updates Mobile-Friendly Test, Rich Results Test Tools To Better Support JavaScript Sites

Recently, Google updated the  mobile-friendly test and the rich results test to better support JavaScript sites.  Google posted a Tweet saying that you will now see rendered HTML, console log, exceptions and slack traces. In other words, those who build sites using JabaScript, AJAX and other types of JavaScript frameworks will be able to debug their sites better with these tools. [...]

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The First Batch Of Google Mobile-First Indexing Notifications Gets Released

After months after Google announced the rollout of the mobile-first indexing process, webmaster and SEOs have begun getting notifications via Google Search Console of their sites being "enabled" for mobile-first indexing. It says in the notification that "mobile-first indexing enabled for" and specifies the domain name of the site it was enabled for.  Ari Finkelstein shared a screen of [...]

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Google To Move More Sites To Mobile-First Index In Coming Weeks

It was announced at PubCon (a webmaster conference) by Gary Illyes that Google is planning to roll more sites into the mobile-first index over the next several weeks. The following tweet was posted by Marie Haynes, who was in the crowd, on Twitter: Announcement - In the next month and a half or so, Google is moving a [...]

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Google’s Page Speed Update Does Not Impact Indexing

With Google's Page Speed Update, you won't have to worry about it impacting how Google indexes your mobile or desktop content.  It will affect only how the mobile pages are ranked in the Google mobile search results.Keep in mind that indexing and rankings are two different things, as Google explains in the How Search Works portal. There [...]

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