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Google: Going Mobile Only Is Fine For Our Search Results

Ever since the Google mobile-friendly update, not having a mobile-friendly site can do the opposite of good when it comes to your rankings in Google's search results, it can hurt them.  But there is another question to take into consideration - will not having a desktop-friendly web site have a negative impact on your desktop rankings [...]

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SMB Mobile Websites Saw 11 Percent Page View Gain After Mobile-Friendly Update

Ever since Mobilegeddon, there has been a lot of talk about whether and how much websites were affected by Google's Mobile-Friendly algorithm update.  There have been studies done on the subject, including one written by Greg Sterling that argued that non-mobile-friendly sites were disappearing from the top positions in mobile search results. It looks like there's one [...]

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Study: Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites Disappearing From Top Google Results

After all the hubbub earlier this year leading up to April 21st we dubbed Mobilegeddon, you'd think that pretty much everybody in the SEO and marketing industry would be taking mobile seriously.  One would think that with the negative consequences that can come of not making their websites mobile-friendly, everybody would attempt to create a [...]

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Mobilegeddon Is Beginning, Not Ending

When the ominous date of April 21st came and went, and Google's mobile friendly update reared its ugly head, were your surprised by the the so-called whimper that it brought? Because of the fair warning that Google gave us, there was a 4.7% increase in mobile friendly sites in March and April as a result of this mobile [...]

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Google: The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Has Fully Rolled Out

Mobilegeddon is here, and it's here to stay.  Google has finally confirmed that the mobile friendly algorithm has fully rolled out to all data centers and completely in place. There is even more confirmation, coming from the likes of Gary Illyes from Google, who confirmed this on Twitter saying “the algo is rolled out." Barry Schwartz asked if the Google [...]

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Was Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Really Mobilegeddon?

For months, people in the SEO industry were talking about the major mobile-friendly update that Google was releasing on April 21st that would have a bigger impact than Panda or Pigeon.  Soon, the update came to be known as Mobilegeddon, and more and more people scampered to update their websites to make sure they were [...]

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