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Bing Ads Releases Expanded Text Ads Globally

Back in August, Bing Ads began running something called Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) in beta, but now, it looks like it's being rolled out to all markets on Tuesday. Now, Advertisers are able to set up and launch the longer text ad format in thte web UI or the Bing Ads Editor or Bing Ads API.  Advertisers are [...]

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How To Set Up A Mobile Based Strategy

Everyone knows that mobile is the future, but it's difficult to know how much to invest. In this episode of Google Partners, we'll be walked through some ways that you can come up with a phased investment strategy that meets your needs.

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Google Has Said Page Speed Ranking Factor To Use Mobile Page Speed For Mobile Sites In Upcoming Months

During the Search Marketing Summit today (June 1) Google's Gary Illyes has said that Google will be updating the page speed ranking factor to look specifically at the page speed of your mobile pages when it comes to the mobile-friendly algorithm. Jennifer Slegg wrote a report saying Gary Illyes mentioned this update is months away from happening, and [...]

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Google Launches Its Giant Mobile Search Ads For Auto Makers In The US

New specialized mobile search ads for automotive manufacturers and deals are being launched by Google, which was originally announced in beta last May.  Now, Model Automotive ads and Dealer Automotive ads are now available to eligible advertisers in the US. automotive advertisers for original equipment manufacturers are able to run Model Automotive ads are on searches for [...]

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How To Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

We've heard about it, we've been reading the news surrounding it, and now, Google has finally launched their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)! But is your website ready for it?  In a column written by Paul Shapiro, you'll get an overview of the offering, as well as how to get started with it. What is AMP though?  For those of [...]

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