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Mobilegeddon Day: 3 Ways To Take Mobile Friendliness To The Next Level

I'm sure that everybody in the industry is reporting about today.  The day of Mobilegeddon.  This is the day Google officially launches its mobile friendly ranking algorithm. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, that means there will probably a drop in traffic from your mobile audience from this point on.  But if you're already mobile-friendly, you have [...]

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Is Mobile Search More Than Just Being Mobile “Friendly”?

Mobile search is pretty important in this age of online marketing.  Who remembers when Yahoo was one of the top dogs in the search arena?  Back in 1980, if your business was listed in Yahoo's directory, you knew you were set up.  In nutshell, mobile search is today's Yahoo Directory.  If you are mobile friendly, [...]

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Will Your Website Die on April 21st?

Written by Scott Orth We posted many warnings and updates as news has emerged about Google’s upcoming algorithm update; but now it is upon us. Have you protected yourself? On April 21st Google will be updating its index, having a dramatic affect on mobile search. Google has always said that you should build the most [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Stance On Mobile

What company do you think of when you think of mobile search?  If you're thinking Google, you're right on track.  In fact, it's Google who seems to be leading the mobile revolution, as they are the world’s largest mobile platform provider (Android).  To top it off, the search company has the largest mobile app store as well. [...]

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How Competitive Analysis Leads To A Better B2B SEO Program

When you're working in SEO, one of the important factors you've got to take into consideration is the competition.  If you aren't monitoring them online, you're missing out on some great opportunities as well as overlooking problems in your own SEO program. So what should be the first thing you do when starting a new [...]

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No Whammies! Google To Test Social Casino Game Ads

Google has announced that it will begin beta testing Social Casino Game ads in AdWords sometime around March.  For some, this can be good, because Google has had some pretty tight restrictions on certain gaming ads. There is a new standard sensitive ad category in AdWords, and games are now included it it, which means they'll automatically [...]

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Is Your Local Site Mobile Friendly? Should It Be?

Mobile is a pretty big thing these days.  I'm sure some of you have heard of it, especially if you have a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.  On the business side of things, if you believe that mobile doesn't impact your business, you'd be quite wrong. Penetration of smartphones in the US [...]

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It’s Time To Address Mobile SEO

I think this goes without saying at this point, but marketers and SEO have to stop being lazy and start getting with the times.  Mobile has been around for quite a while now,  and a number of websites still have yet to take advantage of it.  This is especially important if the business in question [...]

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