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Facebook Will No Longer Flag Fake News Link With ‘Disputed’ Label

Facebook has tried, and they seem to be failing. The social network has been making an effort to combat fake news, and simply, it isn’t working. So the company is trying a different tact. About a year ago, Facebook made an announcement that would allow people to flag fake news articles so that third-party fact checkers could evaluate [...]

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What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Ad Transparency

A foundation of Facebook advertising is the ability to segment your audience to serve relevant, tailored creative to different users. The ad that is served to one person could be very different to another, specifically because you want to communicate with them in different ways.  If there was one ad that went to a 25 [...]

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Facebook Debuts Web-Based VR Experiences Within Standard News Feed

Now, when you browse your traditional News Feed, you will now have the ability to enter virtual reality Less a month since Marketing Land reported that Facebook was testing web-based VR within News Feed posts, the social network debuted examples of brands who have developed VR apps that people are able to interact with through Facebook's standard [...]

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Google News To Deprecate Old RSS Feed URLs On December 1, 2017

Google News is going to be deprecating their old RSS feed subscription URLs by December 1, 2017.  What this means for you is, if you've got a Google News RSS feed subscription from a year or so ago, you'll have to update them all. According to a Google spokesperson, “We are making some necessary improvements to [...]

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Facebook Targets Individual Spammers With Latest News Feed Tweak

Facebook has decided to get more tactical when it comes to spammy links and their invasion of people's news feeds.  After pinpointing individual spammy links, it is now going after individual users who post the most spammy links. It has not gone unnoticed by Facebook that there is a "tiny group of people on Facebook" regularly [...]

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Facebook Tests Its News Feed With a new form of Related Articles

Facebook announced that they are now testing for the Related Articles feature in the Facebook News Feed.  The feature launched in 2013 and would display related stories right below an article after reading it and returning to News Feed. With this new test, Facebook is going to show related stories before you click to read an article.  Based on trending [...]

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People Are Starting To See Facebook’s Disputed Content Alerts

Back in December, Facebook announced a process meant to combat the spread of dubious or fake news items on their site.  This involves allowing users to flag potentially inaccurate stories.  These stories will then be fact checked by third party organisations in Poynter's International Fact Checking Network. If found debunked, the content will be marked as disputed, [...]

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