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Google Expanding Candidate Cards, Will Also Offer Primary Voting Reminders

Google, who has been building on an experiment following the most recent Republican debate, will be providing more in-depth election-related content in their search results about the candidates and key issues. In both Google Now and regular search, users will be getting a combination of both candidate-generated content and third-party content about the primaries and the [...]

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Google Panda Is Now Part Of Google’s Core Ranking Signals

Back in February of 2011, one of Google's most significant spam-fighting algorithms, Google Panda, was officially launched.  But now, it has become part of Google's core raking algorithm, although it's not clear when this happened. A Panda guide was posted by Jennifer Slegg that was vetted by the PR team at Google, and there is a part of statement [...]

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Access Google Maps Offline With New Mobile Update

If you're planning on going somewhere using Google Maps, but you think you may not have full access to the internet the entire way there, Google has a solution for you.  You can now download maps in advance, and use them regardless of if you have a connection or not. When downloading a section of the world [...]

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Google News Editors’ Picks Now Contains App Links

It looks like Google News has finally added app links to their Editor's Picks section.  These app links allow users to download the native iOS and/or Android app of the publisher featured within the Editor's Picks section. Here's some examples, which includes Bloomberg and Seeking Alpha, who has app links to both their iOS and Android apps. [...]

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Google Testing AdWords Loan Referral Program With Lending Club

Recently, there are some AdWords advertisers who received emails from Google about a loan offer from Lending Club.  The purpose behind behind these loads is to be used specifically to fund AdWords advertising campaigns. The email begins with, “As as valued AdWords customer, we would like to let you know of an offer through Lending [...]

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