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New Rules Imposed By China Could Stop TikTok Sale.

The sell-off date for TikTok is ticking ever closer and now, it seems China has set some new rules that could stop the sale from potentially happening.  The Wall Street Journal reported that these rules are meant to limit the sharing technology advancements within international deals. Although ByteDane could sill go through with the sale [...]

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Google Will Be Launching ‘Enhanced News Storytelling’ Project With Licensed Content

Google announced back in June that they will release a news-content licensing program that will pay publishers for high-quality content for a brand new 'news experience' released later this year. According to Google, this initiative is going to have “an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories.” Germany, Brazil and Australia [...]

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The Big EU Court Strikes Down Data Transfer Agreement That Google, Facebook and Amazon Relies On

In a big move last week during the “Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland and Maximillian Schrems” case, the highest court in Europe  struck down the Privacy Shield framework that thousands of companies rely on when it comes to large scale data transfers between the US and Europe. Now that Privacy Shield has gone away, what will happen? [...]

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La mort d’ads: French Regulator Fines Google $166 Million For ‘Brutal’ Ad Suspensions

According to the Wall Street Journal, France's antitrust regulator has imposed a 150 million euro fine ($166.2 million) for arbitrarily suspending ads. Google says that the ads in question where "deceptive." The French antitrust authority, who is claiming "the power of life or death" over companies, has characterized the suspensions as "brutal and unjustified" and "random [...]

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More EU Antitrust Heat For Google (And Facebook) Over Data Collection

It isn't surprising that Google is facing even more antitrust scrutiny in Europe, this time on two different fronts. According to Reuters =, Google is confronting an examination of its "collection and use of data." Rivals of Google have formally complained to the European Commission that Google's business practices, in regards to Google's shopping comparison [...]

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Google Won’t Pay French Publishers Copyright Fees, Will Instead Limit Content In Search Results

After an extensive public debate last year, the European Parliament passed a sweeping new Copyright Directive that was very controversial. This directive was intended to both harmonize and modernize EU copyright law, as well as generate licensing revenue for authors and publishers from big internet companies like Facebook and Google. The first country in the [...]

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Clicks Plummet When Images, Article Info Stripped From News Results In SERP

Google ran an experiment last month “to understand what the impact of the proposed EU Copyright Directive would be to our users and publisher partners.”  In the news search results, you could see links, but there wasn't any descriptions or images, and there were incomplete story titles and site titles without any context. The experiment previewed changes in the [...]

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