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Google’s New Treatment Of Nofollow Links Has Arrived

As of March 1 and on, Google will treat the nofollow link attribute as a hint, rather than a directive, for crawling and indexing purposes. Google is already treating all link attributes (sponsored, UGC and nofollow) as hints for ranking purposes. It has been doing this since it first made the original announcement in September 2019. The nofollow link attribute, which [...]

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Dynamic Search Ads Are For Amateurs Or Superheroes

Machine learning in AdWords is, believe it or not, the future.  But is Dynamic Search Ads?  Maybe, maybe not, depending on who you ask. There is a column were Daniel Gilbert talks about Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), which is something for people who are generally new to paid search.  Daniel will share some caveats with us: When [...]

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Google May Have Penalized Another Underground Link Network

Who remembers when Google went after the underground link network, SAPE, penalizing them?  It seems that history has a way of repeating itself, and this is no exception, as SAPE might have gotten themselves penalized again. There are reports that finds that there are various "black hat" SEO forums that the website rankings in Google have taken a [...]

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Yandex Penalizes Hundreds Of Sites Selling Links

The largest Russian search engine, Yandex, has been reported to be penalizing hundreds of web sites several days ago, on September 8th.  The reason?  Because they have been participating in selling links to artificially inflate rankings in the search engine. It was reported by the Russian Search Tips blog, all baased on what was found in a Yandex webmaster post.  The link penalty [...]

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Google Clarifies That Asking For Links The Right Way Is OK

Going back to a news bit that was came out the other day revolving around the fact that Google seemed to say that asking for links was unnatural, Google has come forward to clarify themselves.  Since a post on its Portuguese webmaster blog suggested that asking for links would potentially put you at risk of [...]

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