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How To Build A Stronger, More Effective PPC Team

For those who have been in the SEO industry for long enough, they will remember when everything was done manually.  In this case, when it comes to PPC, almost everything was done manually.  But because it was all done like this, it forced people to learn the ins and outs of PPC.  Today, because of [...]

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Early Performance Results From Google’s Update To Close Variants

Google began expanding its definition of what constitutes a close variant exact match back in March, its definition of what constitutes a close variant exact match.  This change was expected to roll out "over the coming months." At the last "Mad Scientists of Paid Search" at SMX Advanced, Andy Taylor presented the newest Merkle data on what we have seen [...]

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Beginners’ Guide To Bing Ads Management

So you're trying to reach as many people in your target market as you can, right?  Sure, you'll want to use channels like AdWords to get your business in front of others, but Bing Ads is another one you want to make sure utilize. Just because Bing can often get a bad rap, as it's viewed [...]

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5 Steps To Success For Low-Conversion-Volume Accounts In AdWords

For a moment, let's say you're doing your thing, staying busy working with your AdWords accounts, checking your weekly conversions.  Those accounts are producing hundreds, if not thousands of conversions a week.  Pretty basic stuff, right?  But then you suddenly stumble upon one of your accounts, and you realize it's only generating a few conversions [...]

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What Are 7 Sneaky PPC Attribution Tricks You Should Beware Of?

When it comes to PPC account managers, they are held to exacting performance standards.  Their efforts are judged by KPIs like CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Of course, it's a lot easier to set tough performance standards than to actually achieve them.  When there's more competition, an accountant may have [...]

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What Happens When Google Pushes Into Branding And Messaging?

In the world of marketing, we know how important branding is to your clients.  This is the case regardless of the type of campaign the brand is using, whether it's print, direct mail, email or PPC.  You and your client will want tight control over the look and feel of your marketing collateral no matter [...]

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What Are Some Common Mistakes Made In Do-It-Yourself PPC

There are a number of folks who, with the best of intentions, will take on PPC with out the help of a professional SEO.  After all, it makes sense that these people would try out marketing all on their own, since Google makes it easy to do it. Granted, out of all of those do-it-yourselfers, [...]

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The 5 Strangest Search Terms In 2,000+ AdWords Accounts

Sit back and think for a minute about the number of AdWords accounts there are out there.  Now, out of all those accounts, how many different campaigns must be running under those accounts?  Finally, out of those campaigns, how many keywords must there be?  The number of keywords that AdWords deals with on a daily [...]

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