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Gmail Ads: An Old Ad Type, But A New Addition To AdWords

For the last two years, we've seen Gmail Ads n one form or another.  They used to be known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) and have existed within a unique advertising platform.  But now, as of earlier this month, Gmail Ads has finally been integrated into AdWords. The switch from the original GSP platform to the AdWords interface [...]

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Re-Examining The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices, Part 1

What is the definition of best practices?  Basically, best practices are a "set of highly recommended tips and tricks born of repeated and ongoing expertise in a specific subject matter," as stated by Josh Dreller.  With these tried and tested procedures, professionals rely on them everyday, assuming that they are correct and, of course, quite effective. [...]

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Video Ads: Money For Nothin’ & Clicks For Cheap

For quite a while now, when it comes to Google's earnings, the company has found found a way to increase revenue coming in from their advertising products, even though they're making less money per ad.  This is all coming from the fact Google has had a CPC problem since the fourth quarter of 2011. Most thought that [...]

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Why AdWords Brand CPCs Are Rising, And What Can You Do About it?

When you're a webmaster, or the owner of a website, one of the important aspects of paid search benchmark data is the ability to find out if everybody is seeing what you want them to see.  Unfortunately, the official data that search engines give out is usually sparse, and can even be misleading.  Because of that, [...]

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10 Top Retargeting Tips For AdWords Users

Rebekah Schelfhout, who was at SMX London last month, spoke at the Advanced Retargeting Strategies session and gave some great pointers for things that people should consider when retargeting via the AdWords platform. During the session, Rebekah found that a number of people who attended her talk found these tips helpful, so she decided that she should [...]

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Dynamic Advertising: The Key To Scaling Personalized Ads

So, you've worked diligently to collect the data that would allow you to identify meaningful audience segments.  But now that you have the data you need, what do  you do now? We know that advertisers and marketers love knowing that they are delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time.  But [...]

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