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Troubleshooting AdWords Conversion Tracking For Non-Techies

So, you're in the online marketing business, and you're going to be launching a PPC campaign.  As far as you can tell, everything is good to go, everything on your end is done and running smoothly.  You've finally published your campaigns and now you are just waiting to see what happens. But what happens?  Nothing. [...]

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Look To The Search Queries To Grow Your PPC Account

A common question that is asked by e-commerce clients is how can one garner additional, profitable traffic.  It usually doesn't matter when this is asked, but in this case, this is during the time after you're already several months into client and campaign management.  In other words, even though the client has already garnered a [...]

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Taming The Beast Of The Messy Enterprise SEM Campaign

Doing enterprise SEM campaigns can be pretty awesome.  You have a large budget to utilize, and a lot of customers to satisfy.  It can be quite exciting.  But despite the fun that can come from doing such large campaigns, there can be some challenges too. SEM campaigns can become more difficult to deal with as [...]

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Understanding How Your Brand Drives Google Shopping Campaign Traffic

When it came to website traffic, a majority of retailers would see two types of traffic  They would see brand traffic, and non-brand traffic as a necessity of running a paid search program.  But, things have gotten a little muddled with the introduction of Google Shopping Campaigns and the Product Listing Ad (PLA) format. Here's [...]

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Use AdWords Conversion Tracking For (All) Your True Business Goals

Always wanting to improve, Google has always been doing what they can to get AdWords to do better and better as time goes on.  For those who've been using AdWords, I'm sure you've noticed that over the last year, the conversion tracking capabilities, reporting on conversion metrics and automated bidding functionality have been improved quite [...]

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Are Bigger iPhones Better For Paid Search?

About a month ago, Apple debuted two new iPhone 6 models that was met with the normal hype, excitement, as well as the controversies (check out #bendgate if you  actually haven't heard of it). Despite the larger screens and the higher chance of the phone getting bent (look again at the bendgate controversy), a more SEO [...]

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