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Some April Google Search Console Data Lost, Manual Actions Disappeared

Google has been able to fix the Search Console data bug that delayed with most reports supposedly because of the de-indexing bug. But now, it seems that data from April 9 to April 25 was completely lost and filled with April 26 data instead. This impacted reports found in Google Search Console with the exception of the Performance report. [...]

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Once A Google Manual Actions Expires, Algorithms May Handle Some Of Those Site Penalties

In regards to Google's manual actions, there are real people who will apply penalties to website that don't comply with Google's Webmaster guidelines.  In 2013, Google released a manual actions viewer in Google Search Console to communicate human-added penalties to your website. On September 7, Google webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, said on Twitter that sometimes manual actions can be replaced [...]

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Google Sent 45M Notifications Through Search Console, 6M Of Which Were Search Spam-Related

Juan Felipe Rincon, the global search outreach lead of Google has shared some updated metrics on Google’s spam-preventive measures over the past year.  Compared to last year, Google about 3 million fewer manual action notices this year. Last year, Google said that it had sent 9 million web spam notices through Google Search Console.  That number dropped this year [...]

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With A Rare Google Confirmation Of On-Site Penalty, Natural News Returns To Google’s Index

Google, in a rare move, confirmed that a publisher by the name of Natural Links was penalized and deindexed by the major search engine over a webmaster guidelines violation.  It was stated by Google's John Mueller that the site was using sneaky mobile redirect, and once that is “cleaned up, the site can submit a reconsideration request through [...]

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Natural News Was Not Banned From Google Over Fake News

According to Wikipedia, a controversial alternative medicine website called Natural News has been delisted from Google.  The news site confirmed being removed from Google and recently claimed that the search engine banned them due to the site was pro-Trump. But according to Google, the site wasn't removed for its politicall views, but because of a webmaster guidelines violation. [...]

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Google Studying Ways To Deal With Offensive Search Suggestions & Results

Recently, Google came under fire when search suggestions came up, such as "are women evil" or actual results that question if the Holocaust even happened.  Luckily, there are folks at Google who are not ignoring the issue.  They're taking time to figure out the best and most comprehensive response. Last week, Danny Sullivan met with a number of [...]

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Google Labels Your Links, Such As ‘Footer’ Or Penguin-Impacted

It was in a conversation with Google’s Gary Illyes (part 1) podcast at Marketing Land that we learned that Google is adding labels to your links.  With these labels, classifications or attributes can be added to the link, including whether the link is a footer link, whether it's impacted by the latest Penguin update, or if it's disavowed or other [...]

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Google Says Penguin Recoveries Have Started To Roll Out Now

On the evening of September 28th, Google's Garry Illyes said tonight that those who were suffering from previous Penguin penalties should begin seeing recoveries.  This is what he said on Twitter:   @atmoore81 it's happening as we speak. or tweet. it will take a few more days to finish that part — Gary Illyes (@methode) September 28, 2016 [...]

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