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Report: The Future Of Paid-Search Marketing Is Machine Learning And AI

This month, a report has been released by Acquisio (PDF) that argues machine learning algorithms can dramatically improve paid-search marketing performance vs. accounts that don't use them.  Acquisio calls their suite of machine learning tools "Acquisio Turing."  This suite is named after the British computer scientist Alan Turing. Thousands of campaigns were looked at by Acquisio [...]

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AdWords Editor Update Supports Shopping Showcase Ads

There is a new version of AdWords Editor available, version 12.1, that comes with support for several features, such as Shopping showcase ads and expanded dynamic search ads. With showcase ads, three product images can be featured from a retailer that are related to the search query and link to a Google-hosted landing page of products the advertiser [...]

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How To Start a PPC Campaign

With so much information to try and comprehend, starting a new PPC campaign can seem like an impossible task. Luckily for you SEMrush is here to lead you on your way to running the best PPC campaigns possible . Check out our brand new tutorial for how to get started with your PPC campaign! We’ll [...]

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Is Your PPC Agency Wasting Your Budget?

Learn how to make the most out of your PPC investment as some experts give their key insights on finding the perfect PPC agency for you. In this #SEJThinkTank webinar, Joe Khoei, CEO of SalesX and Aaron Levy, manager of Client Strategy Elite SEM talk about techniques, know-hows on monitoring your account activity, and red [...]

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Beginners’ Guide To Bing Ads Management

So you're trying to reach as many people in your target market as you can, right?  Sure, you'll want to use channels like AdWords to get your business in front of others, but Bing Ads is another one you want to make sure utilize. Just because Bing can often get a bad rap, as it's viewed [...]

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How to Master Your PPC Performance

Matthew Sauer from iProspect Australia will present a step-by-step PPC workflow and our own Customer Success Manager Anastasia Pyshkina will show how to make the process easier utilizing SEMrush. Matthew's Slides: 00:03:05 - Keyword Research Process 00:23:34 - SEMrush for PPC Demo (Domain Analytics + Domain vs Domain + Keyword Magic Tool) 00:35:54 - [...]

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SEO vs. PPC: Pros, Cons & An Integrated Approach

If you were asked, "What is better, PPC or SEO?", you probably wouldn't have a great answer.  In all honesty, it depends on the situation you find yourself in, as well as your objectives and marketplace. At Bowler Hat, they are quite big into SEO, and for Marcus Miller, he feels that organic search delivers more volume [...]

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