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Quora Users Are Looking For Answers On Productivity Tools

JD Prater, Quora's head of marketing, highlighted trends around how both brands and users engage on Quora during the coronavirus pandemic. “From productivity tools to self-improvement activities to video conferencing, it’s obvious we’re all doing our best to settle into this new normal,” he noted. Prater outlined the brands that are seeing a trending spike [...]

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Quora Adds 3 New Targeting Options For Advertisers

Recently, Quora has added additional target options for advertisers on the Q&A platform. The first is keyword history targeting, and is a blend of the existing keyword targeting and question retargeting options on Quora. You will be able to reach people who have shown an interest in subjects related to your business based on the keywords being used. [...]

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SEMrush: Quora Ads Campaign

First, we need to understand that there are over 300 million people coming to Quora, and what are they doing? Well, they are actively sharing knowledge; they are coming for the community; they are sharing stories, and learning about the world around them. What you can do as an advertiser is really align your ad [...]

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Quora Intros Bulk Ad Creation, Editing

This is a great time to scale up your Quora ads, as the company recently added the ability to create and edit ads in bulk in Quora Ads Manager. How does this ability work?  The bulk ads editor has templates that are downloadable.  Next, you'll create and edit ads in a CSV file or in Excel. Currently, [...]

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Quora Adds Search-Like Keyword Targeting, Auction Insights For Advertisers

It hasn't even been two years yet, and Quora is still building out features and capabilities at a rapid pace.  On Thursday, the company announced the the launch of Auction Insights at SMX West in San Jose, CA.  Earlier this week, Quora rolled out keyword targeting, allowing advertisers to bid on the keywords they may already be targeting in search [...]

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Quora: Getting Relevant Traffic

Yes, Quora is one of the newest players on the Paid Ads market, but what a player it is. Some would argue it is one of the best platforms for B2B lead generation. Learn how to significantly increase your visibility, engagement, and lead generation on Quora. JD will walk you through the exact steps you [...]

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Quora Advertisers Can Now Retarget Users Who Looked At Specific Questions

In an announced made January 8, Quora advertisers are now able to retarget users that have visited specific question pages Quora Product Manager Elynn Lee said that user questions can “provide a valuable signal on intent.” “For example, if a Quora user is reading questions about how to buy the best marketing automation software, it’s highly likely [...]

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Quora Unveils New Promoted Answers Ad Unit

A new native ad was unveiled by Quora on Tuesday called Promoted Answers.  This new native ad offers marketers the opportunity to promote organic content posted on the site by themselves or others.  A Promoted Answer, which features a question, a portion of an answer and a link taking the user to the full answer, [...]

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Quora Launches List Match Targeting For Reaching Audiences Based On Email Lists

Quora has been continuously pushing out new capabilities for its ads platform.  The platform released List Match Audiences this week. Just like Customer Match in Google and Custom Audiences in Facebook, advertisers will have the ability to upload customer or prospect email lists to Quora for ad targeting or exclusions. According to the company, emails are hashed locally on [...]

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