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Bing Shopping Has Opened Up To Free Product Listings

In an announcement made on August 17, Microsoft made organic product listings available in the Bing Shopping tab. The company said, "we’re excited to announce the availability of free Product Listings, which allow you to show your product offers for free on the Bing Shopping Tab starting in the USA and soon rolling out to other [...]

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What Are The Common SEO Pitfalls? How Can You Avoid Them?

Are you a Shopify Store owner? If so, you probably know about some of the pitfalls that you face when trying to navigate the platform. If you are able to overcome the challenges presented to you in regards to SEO, then your Google rankings can begin going through the roof. Not only that, your organic [...]

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Buy On Google Has Gone Commission Free And Will Allow Checkout Using Shopify and PayPal

The Google Shopping tab was opened up earlier this year, and now Google is opening up Buy On Google with commission-free access. What is Buy On Google? Basically, it's Google's native checkout from product listings. With this integration, merchants can streamline order management and payment, including PayPal and Shopify. If a user buys something through [...]

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Google Assistant May Start Calling Businesses To Confirm In-Stock Inventory

Soon, Google Assistant/Duplex could actually call local businesses to check for inventory availability. First noticed by Android Police, the notification appears on a support page mostly about appointment booking through Duplex: “Google Assistant will only call you when a customer wants to book an appointment or when it needs to check your business hours or the status of [...]

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The Data Problem In Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Standard Shopping an standard campaigns give merchants various degrees of control and flexibility when advertising on Google's platform. Advertisers need to know about the limited insights inherent to Smart Shopping campaigns, and even what the metric provided convey. During the Google Shopping session of Live with Search Engine Land, Mike Ryan, product management lead at [...]

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Blogging for Shopify: A unique SEO approach

A really common opportunity that people see for Shopify stores is creating blog content for SEO. Most of the time, Shopify sites are targeting keywords with informational intent with transactional pages. These types of sites usually create a discrepancy between what content it has and what Google is "willing" to rank. This means that the [...]

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E-commerce Is Booming According To Three Reports

Retail sales are facing the steepest decline ever recorded, as they are down 8.7% in March. In April, e-commerce has been seeing unprecedented growth, which has been aided in part by government stimulus payments. Data has been released by Adobe, Shopify and PayPal over the past week, each reflecting the scale of e-commerce gains and [...]

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