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What Do Dolphins Eat? Lessons from How Kids Search

Anybody who has children knows that they will probably do online searches differently than adults.  There are some insights that can be gained from how they use Google that can help deepen our understanding of searchers in general.  There are so many things to dig into, including the comfort levels with specific search strategies and [...]

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Yext Begins To Verticalize Local Business Listings Syndication With ‘Yext For Food’

If your business listing has more content, it'll naturally see more engagement, rank higher, and perform better overall.  As more searches take place on mobile devices, marketers are going to h ave to expose more local business attributes and enhanced data for discovery and competitive advantage. Based on previous research done by Google, 50 percent of smartphone users [...]

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IAB: Paid Search Was 48 Percent Of Total Digital Spend In 2016

In 2016, paid search advertising accounted for about $35 billion, and was split almost evenly between mobile and desktop.  This news comes from the IAB's 2016 revenue report, which was released on April 26th. Spending for mobile ad surpasses desktop spending for the first time, which represented 51 percent of digital spending in the US.  In Q4 2016, [...]

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Survey: Amazon Beats Google As Starting Point For Product Search

In a survey conducted by PowerReviews (which consisted of 1,000 US consumers), it was found that Amazon is the preferred starting point for product search.  Who's the one coming in second?  Google.  The others that followed included brand/retailer sites and e-commerce marketplaces. Amazon — 38 percent Google — 35 percent Brand or Retailer Site — 21 percent [...]

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What Are The Top Bing Searches In 2015?

Recently, Bing has decided to release their top searches in 2015 for celebrities, athletes and news stories, and other categories. It was interesting, but not surprising when you see some of the top searches done this year.  The story surrounding Caitlyn Jenner was a huge trend this year, along with the search for Miley Cyrus and [...]

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