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comScore Believes that Google Desktop May Have Peaked Last Year

Last Friday, comScore released their monthly report on US desktop search market share.  According to the report, Google controlled 63.8 percent of all PC search volume in August, while Microsoft's Bing had 20.6 percent, and Yahoo had only 12.7 percent. Bing had increased fraction of a percent at Google's expense, while Yahoo didn't see any changes for [...]

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Bing Ads Shares Halloween Data For Advertisers

Can you believe it's getting close to the holiday season once again?  But before we can really kick off the holiday season right, we have to get warmed up a little Halloween fun.  It's only eight weeks away, and people are beginning to look for their costumes to wear on the spookiest day of the year. [...]

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BrightLocal’s 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey Is Out!

The 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey has just been published by BrightLocal, so it's time to explore the attitudes, the influences and overall consumption of local business reviews by consumers. This is the fifth year that BrightLocal has been doing this research, and in this year's survey, 15 questions had been asked to over 2,000 [...]

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SMB Mobile Websites Saw 11 Percent Page View Gain After Mobile-Friendly Update

Ever since Mobilegeddon, there has been a lot of talk about whether and how much websites were affected by Google's Mobile-Friendly algorithm update.  There have been studies done on the subject, including one written by Greg Sterling that argued that non-mobile-friendly sites were disappearing from the top positions in mobile search results. It looks like there's one [...]

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Google Says “Near Me” Searches Have Doubled This Year

According to Google Trends data from the month of March, search queries that contain a location qualifier like "nearby" or "near me" have doubled int he past year.  Unsurprisingly, 80 percent of these searches have come from mobile devices.  With the ever increasing use of mobile devices, it's easy to see how often "nearby" and [...]

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Research Reveals The Distinct Ways Users Search

Keyword research - it is the first step in beginning the search marketing journey, but also the most important element of the entire process. Whatever keywords you, the marketer, chooses can determine how well or how badly your campaign will go further down the road.   It should go without saying - choose your keywords wisely. [...]

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Yahoo Loses Market Share As Some Firefox Users Return To Google

comScore has released the February US search market share numbers and it looks like some of the gains that Yahoo made since November since their default search deal with Firefox has been lost.  This is because some of the users that went over to Firefox has since decided to return to Google.  In all honestly, I'm not shocked by [...]

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