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Apple’s Siri Gets First Major Redesign In Years

On June 22, Apple announced their major redesign for Siri since its launch in 2011. With this new version of Siri, it won't take up the whole screen, but rather a logo at the bottom of the screen. This will launch in iOS 14. The following image that was shown during the Apple WWDC virtual [...]

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Katherine Watier Ong On How To Grow Your SEO Team

Barry Schwartz sat down with Katherine Watier Ong, who's internet career goes as far back as 1994, and has done SEO for over 15 years. She was able to build an SEO team out of nothing in her early days. Together, Barry and Katherine talked about how she was able to build SEO teams by [...]

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Optimizing For Voice Search & Virtual Assistants

Watch this video by Olga Andrienko, the Head of GLobal Marketing of SEMrush and learn about optimizing for voice search and virtual assistants. Takeaways: - Close to 80% of answers occupy the top three organic results - 70% of answers occupy a SERP feature - Well linked pages favored

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How To Use Schema To Create A Google Action

Recently, Google announced that publishers are now able to create Google Actions from web content using schema markup. Google Actions is a great way for brands to get extra mileage out of their SEO strategy, as well as offer another opportunity to reach searchers organically. Optimizing for some of the newest features, such as Google [...]

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Target Expands Voice-Commerce Relationship With Google To Battle Amazon

In an announcement by Google, there has been a nationwide expansion of its Google Express relationship with Target.  Those users who are in the Continental US can now buy from Target through the Google Assistant and receive Google Express delivery.  The voice-commerce relationship extends to Google Home devices. These features and capabilities are quite similar to those that was announced [...]

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