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Getting The Most Out Of Google’s New Sitelinks

Its crazy what time does to anything  AdWords ads look different compared to years ago, last year, and even this summer. Recently, Google updated the way we serve sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets in your adds.  Sitelinks are now a swipeable carousel, callouts and structured snippets are appearing in the same area of the ad as your [...]

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10 Ideas: How To Fix A Damning Business Review

In almost any business, the greatest thing you could get in return is the highest customer ratings and great customer reviews as possible.  Naturally, this is completely understandable.  Not only do you want your customers to leave happy, but you want them to be satisfied enough to want to come back again for repeat business. These days, [...]

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Interview: Author Bill Tancer On The Search Impact Of Reviews

Mark Traphagen interviews Bill Tancer Recently, a number of people took part in the SMX West 2015 conference, including Bill Tancer, who wrote Everyone’s a Critic and gave the conference's keynote.  During this time, Mark Traphagen was given the chance to sit down with Bill and talk about the importance of online reviews to search marketers, based on the [...]

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Practical Tips For Using Geo-Location To Reach Your Target Audience

When it comes to marketing, geotargeting is a great way of doubling the performance of a number of different marketing methods that you are using to get a business on the map.  It doesn't even matter what sort of business you're in, according to the data from the Local Search Association’s LSA Insights database. So what is [...]

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3 Awesome Things You Can Do With The AdWords Dimensions Tab

AdWords is a pretty popular PPC platform that a number of people use.  I'm sure you've heard of it.  In AdWords, there are some features that PCC managers just can't live without, and one of them is the Dimensions tab.  Among columnist Pauline Jakober's team, the Dimensions tab had unanimously cited as their favorite feature in AdWords. [...]

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Local Experts Say “Relevance” Of Citations More Important Than “Authority”

In February and March, BrightLocal conducted its 2015 Expert Citation Survey.  25 knowledgeable and experienced local search marketers were asked to participate, and 22 of them did the survey. The questions asked of these local search marketers where as follows: Are citations more or less important now than 12 months ago? What is more important, quantity or quality [...]

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Is Your Local Site Mobile Friendly? Should It Be?

Mobile is a pretty big thing these days.  I'm sure some of you have heard of it, especially if you have a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.  On the business side of things, if you believe that mobile doesn't impact your business, you'd be quite wrong. Penetration of smartphones in the US [...]

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How To Leverage The Best Local Content Source For Multi-Location Brands

For a while now, especially in the light of the Google Pigeon update, the topic of content has taken more of a prominent stand these days.  A major topic of discussion that has been circulating around through the ranks of marketers with multiple locations lately is how to make their content more relevant and findable to local audiences. This issue [...]

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