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Use “Micro Leads” To Solve Your Mobile SEM Problem

It was forecasted by Marin Software last year that mobile would “account for 50% of Google paid search clicks" by the end of 2015.  With about 12 months to go, a surprising few advertisers have mobile paid search programs that are actually flourishing. The big question is, "why are advertisers doing as well as they could be?"  Most of [...]

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How To Grow PPC Revenue Without Tanking ROI

Do you have a business right?  What's are the big goals for that business?  Well, ROI is probably one of them.  After all, even if customer satisfaction is top priority, it won't matter in the long run because if you don't make back the money you've spent, you're going out of business and there certainly won't [...]

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The Top 13 PPC Marketing Articles Of 2014

Can you believe that it's already Thanksgiving today?  Not only does that mean eating turkey, mashed potatoes and other delicious assortments of awesomeness is the norm today, but t also means that the year is has begun coming to a close.  Because the year is coming to a close, you know you'll find the top [...]

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3 Proven Ways To Write Ads That Deliver More Conversions

Every business' goal is to obtain the highest level of conversions as possible.  After all, that is the goal right?  You can't have a successful business if you don't get your conversions.  Last month, Frederick Vallaeys spoke with David Greenbaum of Boost Media about the reasons why ad text fatigue sets in and what advertisers will be able to [...]

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The 4 Cs Driving Mobile Search, Shopping & Buying

Mobile has become a giant presence in our world today, and with the addition to smartphones, it's really taken off.  According to comScore, smartphone penetration has reached  72% of mobile market penetration.  When it comes to shopping, a high number of people will use their smartphones to check reviews and product prices, or simply to [...]

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An Entirely Different Direction For Google Glass?

I think we can agree that if you haven't heard of Google Glass, you've probably been living under a rock.  After all, Google has been unleashing their head-mounted display product for the last several years now.  That's not to say that Google Glass has been an absolute hit with people though.  It's been the target [...]

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Marketing In Transit: Selling To Mobile Searchers

When you're a local business these days, you need to keep up with the times in order to survive.  As an example, you would need to make sure you had some sort of online presence to reach more people in the area so that your customers (or potential or future customers) can find out more [...]

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