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New Google Search Console Adds Filter For Web Light Search Appearance

Google made an announcement that it added a search appearance filter to the new beta version of the Google Search Console, which lets users filter out search data for Web Light users.  In an explanation by Google, Web Light is when Google will “transcode (convert) web pages on the fly into a version optimized for slow networks, so that these pages load [...]

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Google Sent 45M Notifications Through Search Console, 6M Of Which Were Search Spam-Related

Juan Felipe Rincon, the global search outreach lead of Google has shared some updated metrics on Google’s spam-preventive measures over the past year.  Compared to last year, Google about 3 million fewer manual action notices this year. Last year, Google said that it had sent 9 million web spam notices through Google Search Console.  That number dropped this year [...]

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Google Updates Mobile-Friendly Test, Rich Results Test Tools To Better Support JavaScript Sites

Recently, Google updated the  mobile-friendly test and the rich results test to better support JavaScript sites.  Google posted a Tweet saying that you will now see rendered HTML, console log, exceptions and slack traces. In other words, those who build sites using JabaScript, AJAX and other types of JavaScript frameworks will be able to debug their sites better with these tools. [...]

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Google Search Console Updates Visual Reporting Features

In an announcement by Google, there are some updates coming to the new Google Search Console.  Google said that visual upgrades have been made to both the reports and user interface within Search Console. The update includes: Annotation cards with the charts. Difference column to show changes in data over time. Prepopulated values in filter/compare illustrations. Changes to [...]

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Google Search Console Blocked Resources Report Had Processing Error

In a post on the Google data anomalies page, blocked resources report within the Google Search Console may have incorrect data being reported over a three-week period. If you pulled any report between January 16, 2018 and February 22, 2018, Google said that “users may see decreased counts of pages with blocked resources. This is due to [...]

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Will AMP Improve Your Rankings? How To Set Up An AMP Test

Although Google has stated several times that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) aren't a ranking factor, there have been many that speculated that they could soon become one.  AMP pages were made for speed, so if we take into consideration Google's recent announcement that page speed will become a mobile ranking factor later this year (which takes place [...]

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