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Google Search Console Snapshot Arrives In Search Results

If you're a verified Google Search Console user, and you site comes up in the search results for that query, Google will now show you a snapshot or brief dashboard of your Google Search Console metrics directly in the search results. The following screen shot shows this action, and was from @simon_glanville.  Many people are seeing [...]

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Google Adds Event Markup To Rich Results Status Report In Google Search Console

Support has been added by Google for event markup debugging to the rich results report within Google Search Console. the rich results report previously supported only job posting and recipe markup, but now, it supports event markup as well.  One of the first to notice this and post about it on Twitter was Aaron Bradley. It seems that, with this update, Google [...]

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Once A Google Manual Actions Expires, Algorithms May Handle Some Of Those Site Penalties

In regards to Google's manual actions, there are real people who will apply penalties to website that don't comply with Google's Webmaster guidelines.  In 2013, Google released a manual actions viewer in Google Search Console to communicate human-added penalties to your website. On September 7, Google webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, said on Twitter that sometimes manual actions can be replaced [...]

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Google Clarifies Search Console Query Report Data Changes From August 19th

It was reported this last Sunday that Google seemed to remove some query data from the query filtered search analytics or performance report within Google Search Console.  On August 29, a clarification was issued by Google that explains  it never showed these queries in Search Console but previously included the hidden queries in the overall sums in [...]

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Google Search Console Query Reports Now Exclude ‘Anonymous Query’ Data From Chart Totals

In a quiet move, Google has posted that is removing query data from the Google Search Console report chart total s that identify as "anonymous queries" when a users applies a query filter to the report.  This basically means that reported clicks and impressions could drop when you apply a filter.  According to google, “an anonymous query is a query [...]

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Google Will Automatically Verify Your Google Search Console Account If You Are The Property’s Owner In Google Analytics

In an announcement made by Google, the company will soon automatically verify you for a website in Search Console if you are already a verified owner of the same property in Google Analytics. In this case, this means that you won't have to request manual verification within Google Search Console if you've already set up Analytics.  It will streamline the [...]

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New Google Search Console Adds The Links Reports From The Old Interface

In an announcement by Google on August 21, the company is rolling out a link report within the new Google Search Console.  This report will consolidate the functionality of the “Links to your site” and “Internal Links” reports on the old Search Console, Google said. The following screen shot is of the tool showing you your external links sorted by [...]

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Google: The Search Console Index Coverage Report Is Now More Accurate

If you access the new Google Search Console report, the Index Coverage report, you'll see a notation around July 14 about a "Google Search Update."  It's about a system change to the reporting within Google Search Console, and not about the algorithm update that happened last week.  It was noted by Google that it upgraded the Index Coverage report to a [...]

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Google To Stop Supporting Public URL Submissions To Its Search Index

On Wednesday, Google announced that it is killing off the public method of submitting URLs to its search index.  The "addurl" page, which can be found in this help document, will now redirect to the Google Search Console login page. Google Webmasters said,”We’ve had to drop the public submission feature.”  According to the company, it wasn't determined as to [...]

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