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Google Drops Mobile App Properties From GSC, Reminds Site Owners To Remove G+ Integrations

Google sent out notification to webmasters this week through Google Search Console, telling them that the mobile app properties and Google+ web integrations will no longer be supported. Google added the ability to include your mobile apps in 2015 in Google Search Console.  Beginning in 2017, Google began moving this functionality from Google Search Console to Firebase.  As expected, mobile app property [...]

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New Google Search Console Adds A Security Issues Section

An announcement by Google shows that the company has added an option in the new Google Search Console for “security issues.”  In this new section, you'll be able to find out if Google finds any security issues with your site, such as hacked URLs, malware, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, among many others. This feature was originally found in the [...]

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Google AMP Errors Widely Reported By Webmasters And Publishers

A number of complaints have been coming in from webmasters, developers and publishers about AMP issues in Google mobile search and within the Google Search Console.  There are some who are seeing Google show their stories in the "Top Stories" section with and without the AMP icon within minutes of each other.  There are other folks who have been [...]

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Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool Adds HTTP Response, Page Resources, JS Logs And Rendered Screenshot

In an announcement, Google is coming out with some new features that can be found within their URL inspection tool found within the Google Search Console.  The tool now has the ability to see a specific URL's HTTP response code, the page resources, the JavaScript logs and a rendered screenshots. Google shared this GIF showing you how to access [...]

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Google Officially Drops Support For Several Old Search Console Reports

Last week Google announced that it officially removed several old reports within the old Google Search Console.  It was reported earlier reported earlier that Google would be dropping these reports on December 13. The specific reports that were removed included: AMP Index Status Links Manual Actions Mobile Usability Rich Cards Search Analytics reports But don't worry, as Google has [...]

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Google Search Console AMP Enhancement Report To Combine Issue Types

There are some changes to how Google is showing some of the issues within Google Search Console for the AMP enhancement report.  According to Google, they will be combining some over-specific issue types into fewer generalized issue types within the report in an effort designed to separate issues into "more manageable groups" for webmasters. The AMP enhancement [...]

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Google To Redirect Old Search Console Reports to New Ones Dec. 13

If you saw the Search Engine Land report last month, Google is going to sunset some reports within the Google Search Console.  The company announced that many of these reports will redirect from the old to the new Google Search Console on December 13. Google wants to reduce duplication efforts of maintaining to similar reports, since having [...]

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Google Search Console Updates Index Coverage Report For Mobile-First Indexing And Warns About Replacing Old Reports

Two changes have been made by Google in Google Search Console over the last day.  The most significant change is the index coverage report is now using mobile-first indexing data when available.  Google has also issued notices about sunsetting old Google Search Console reports when similar reports exist in the new Google Search Console. Google updated [...]

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