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Google Search Console Drops Preferred Domain Setting

According to an announcement, Google is no longer supporting the preferred domain setting in Google Search Console. This means that this feature isn't being moved from the old version of Google Search Console to the new one. It's existence ends with the old version of the platform. The preferred domain setting is an old feature [...]

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There’s A New Speed Report Coming To Google Search Console

During Google I/O, Google announced that they are testing a new Speed Report within Google Search Console that is powered off of CrUX data. This report will give an aggregated view over your web site field metrics. You will able able to drill down into specific issues, as well as see specific examples of those [...]

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Sitelinks Searchbox, Logo Enhancement And Unparsable Structured Data Report Added To GSC

Three new reports have been introduced by Google within the new Google Search Console - a new report for unparsable structured data and two new enhancement reports. The unparsable structured data report aggregates structured data syntax errors. It puts all the parsing issues, such as structured data syntax errors, that specifically prevented Google from identifying [...]

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Some April Google Search Console Data Lost, Manual Actions Disappeared

Google has been able to fix the Search Console data bug that delayed with most reports supposedly because of the de-indexing bug. But now, it seems that data from April 9 to April 25 was completely lost and filled with April 26 data instead. This impacted reports found in Google Search Console with the exception of the Performance report. [...]

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Google Search Console Reports Back On Track After Multi-Week Delay

It was reported earlier this month that Google’s de-indexing bug caused delays for Search Console reports. After a three-week delay, Google finally update the reports that were impacted by the bug. If you login to Google Search Console and go to the Coverage report or any of the Enhancement reports, you will see the normal two-day delay, as opposed [...]

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Google Drops More Reports From Old Google Search Console

In a Google announcement, it is “retiring another set of reports” within the old Search Console.   The reports that were to be retired weren't specifically mentioned. Google said “As we announced in January, today we’re retiring another set of reports. If you didn’t check the new reports, please do, and let us know what you think – [...]

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