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Google Is Testing Reporting Security Issue False Positives For Search Console

Google is testing a new feature that lets users request Google review of your site if it was flagged for having a security issue or appears to have been hacked. You can make a request if you feel that Google has made a mistake when identifying your site as having a security issue. Since [...]

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Google’s Search Console API Infrastructure Gets Updated

According to Google, its infrastructure of the Search Console API is in the process of being updated and is "almost there." The company said that there have already been some minor changes that some folks may have already noticed., and will help Google improve the API's performance in the long run. There are three changes [...]

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Image License Structured Data Support Is Added To Google Search Console

Google Search Console reports and the Rich Results test tool are getting some more support from Google for image license metadata for licensable image label. If you're using this markup, a new section will appear in the Enhancements reports in the Search Console. If you're not using the markup, it will not appear to [...]

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Google Updated Guidelines To Say Spam Reports Are Not For Manual Actions

In an announcement by Gary Illyes on the Google webmaster blog, Google wants to clarify that spam reports are only to improve Google’s spam detection algorithms. The mention of manual actions were removed from the Google webmaster guidelines since these spam reports are going to lead to a Google employee reviewing a site and manually penalizing [...]

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Google Tests Showing Analytics Data In Search Console With ‘Insights’

A new feature is being tested in Google Search Console, called Google Search Console Insights. This features allows users to get deeper reporting into the performance of the site and its pages, which includes page views, average time on page, referring sites information and more from Google Analytics. Currently, there has been no official announcement [...]

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Google Search Console Performance Report Gets Recipe Filters

A new filter option has been added to Google's performance reports within Google Search Console. Google might be giving sites that use recipe markup the ability to filter performance reports within the "search appearance" options. You can find these filters by logging into Google Search Console and clicking on the "performance report." After that, select [...]

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Google Search Console Adds New Guided Recipes Reports

New reports were launched by Google this morning in Google Search Console for Google Recipes. A new Guided Recipes Enhancement report has been launched, as well as a Guided Recipes in Rich Results test. This new feature lets users “instantly validate the markup for individual recipes,” Google said. It even lets you discover any issues [...]

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