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A Site Migration SEO Checklist: Don’t Lose Traffic

Few things are able to destroy a brand's performance int he search results faster than a badly implemented site migration. Even though changing the name of your domain or implementing HTTPS can be great for business, but if you don't consider how search engines will react to this move, it's almost certain to take a [...]

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SEO + UX = Success

Back in the old days, SEO was pretty simple.  Just stuff a page full of keywords, and you were able to rank at number one.  Of course, these days, it isn't nearly as simple as it was back then.  Now, many other search engines, including Google, literally take hundreds of different factors into account when [...]

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Moving To HTTPS? Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity!

By now, most SEOs have heard that moving web pages with forms to HTTPS is necessary to avoid  being shown as "not secure" in Chrome 62. By moving your site to HTTPS, webmasters will gain a number of benefits, but there is a unique SEO opportunity which is easy to overlook.  If done properly, this opportunity can [...]

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Google is Making Strides With Google My Business

When it comes to boiling down a marketer's fears in the digital economy to a single idea, what would it be?  Some would argue that it would be loss of control. Naturally, how you and your brand is being talked about and presented across all the various sites, channels and platforms can, at times, feel [...]

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Small Business SEO: Your Questions Answered

Nobody said that running your own small business is easy.  A number of businesses will fail in their first year, and even more won't reach the five-year mark.  Even those businesses that are established have a good chance of failing because they are not able to adapt to changing times. Marketing is a difficult thing, and when [...]

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YouTube SEO: How To Find The Best Traffic-Generating Keywords

Video marketing is becoming more and more obvious as the last several years that video marketing is becoming a digital marketing necessity.  Watching video is what people just love to do, and by providing them, you can end up selling more products or services.  There was a study by Cisco done last year where they [...]

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