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Labels Now Available In Bing Ads Editor For Dynamic Search Ads

In an announcement from Bing Ads, users now have the ability to use Labels in Editor for Dynamic Search Ads, following the recent rollout of DSAs in October. With labels, advertisers can organize information in a way that is easier for them to filter and create rules around.  It's now possible to use methods such as labeling "Evergreen" [...]

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Google Begins Enforcing Certification Process For Event Ticket Resellers On AdWords

Google, in an effort to make sure users aren't getting misled or scammed in buying event tickets through third-party resellers advertising through AdWords, is instituting a certification process before these businesses can advertise through AdWords. This was announced back in November, the new restriction goes into effect globally today. “Unfortunately, some ticket resellers provide limited transparency in their [...]

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Bing Ads Rolls Out Multiuser Access With Single Sign-On

Since the launch of the Multi-Linking feature this past fall to help users managing multiple accounts, Bing Ads now offers an additional way to manage multiple accounts easily. Users who have Multi-User Access will allow them to have a single email and password to access all of the Bing Ads accounts they manage.  With this single login feature, it [...]

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Bing Hotel Ads Moving Out Of Beta To General Release With Koddi

Last year, after Bing Ads ran its Hotel Ads offering in beta, it decided to roll them out in general release.  Bing Ads' initial partner is travel advertising platform Koddi, which is also participated in the beta. The Hotel Ads experience in Bing is much like Google's.  Bing's interface gives searchers a fast way to input travel [...]

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15 PPC Pro Tips For Writing Text Ads

It's easy to see why every part of a PPC program is important, but there are some elements that are as crucial as your ads.  Ads are often the prospects' first introduction to your brand.  After all, first impressions are pretty important. Not only that, you need your ad to accomplish certain things.  You'll want [...]

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It’s 2018. Are Your Google Shopping Campaigns Ready?

2017 has been quite a year for Google Shopping. During 2017, how did your campaigns fare?  Was it great, okay, or not so good?  When it comes down to it, the simple fact is, it's now 2018, which means a renewed sense of opportunities to do better than last year. However, you're probably already hard [...]

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Google Adds Keyword Functionality To The AdWords App

Although news about the AdWords app hasn't really been talked about much, there is a new update released on January 18 that makes the app even more useful than before. Advertisers are able to add, edit and remove keywords from their campaigns using the AdWords app. You can now add, edit or remove keywords on [...]

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3 AdWords Features You’re Probably Underutilizing

One of the great things about AdWords is that everybody has their favorite ways to utilize it.  Everybody has their own favorite report and feature, and they have their own personal preferences for how they like to build and manage their campaigns. But, that means that they're also prone to getting stuck in their own [...]

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Google Is Sunsetting AdWords Review Extensions

As usual, Google has decided to end yet another one of their experiments.  The company announced that Review extensions are going to stop showing this month, and will ultimately be deleted in AdWords accounts in February. An update appears on the support page about the extension. If you're an advertiser who ran Review extensions and would like [...]

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Google Removes Addiction Treatment Ads From UK Search Results

Following an investigation by The Sunday Times (registration required), Google removed search ads that are related to addiction treatment in the UK. It was revealed that there was an ongoing issue with middlemen bidding on the terms and receiving large kickbacks from the private centers where the searchers are ultimately referred to.  This is a practice called [...]

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