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Google Ads Report Editor Gets Two New Landing Page Reports

Google is adding two predefined landing page report to Report Editor in the interface. Soon, advertisers will be able to find the "Landing page" and "Expanded landing page" reports under the Basic list of predefined reports, which is available from the "Reports" icon in the upper right corner of the Google Ads interface. Landing Page Report This [...]

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Do You Still Need A PPC Tool With The New Google Ads?

It can be pretty easy to assume that Google and Bing are automating PPC pros right out of relevance.  With basic PPC tasks, they can now happen with very little human intervention through the Google and Bing interfaces to the point where even a novice PPC manager can create and launch pretty good campaigns. That's [...]

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Some Large Search Budgets Are Moving To Amazon, Say Agency Executives

In a CNBC survey of several advertising execs, it was found that there are some advertisers who are shifting large percentages of their Google search budgets over to Amazon.  According to two executives, some advertisers that are selling are selling on Amazon are moving 50 percent or more of their search budgets to Amazon. Amazon has been [...]

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Choosing An Enterprise Call Analytics Platform

Smartphones are currently driving inbound call volume to businesses, since mobile is becoming a key touchpoint along with omnichannel customer journey.  It has been predicted by BIA/Kelsey that the number of mobile calls to businesses will reach 125 billion in 2018.  In 2020, they are predicting that it will jump to 170 billion. Cal analytics [...]

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Bing Ads Now Supports Language Targeting At The Campaign Level

Bing Ads announced Wednesday that advertisers can now target multiple languages at the campaign level.  This will be a helpful update for global advertisers that don't break out language targeting in separate campaigns. Bing Ads previously supported language targeting at the ad group level.  In a nutshell, settings had to be carried through to multiple ad groups.  [...]

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Google Adds Smart Bidding For Search Partners

On Tuesday, Google announced that auctions on search partners sites could use Smart Bidding, rather than smart pricing, when an advertiser has conversion tracking set up. According to Google, Smart Bidding offers better performance since it takes into account more contextual signals "to optimize bids for each and every auction." Used to power manual bids for search partners, [...]

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Amazon Now 3rd Biggest Digital Ad Seller In US

According to the latest prediction from research firm eMarketer, Amazon is set to surpass Oath and Microsoft to becoming the third largest digital ad sell in the U.S., just behind Facebook and Google.  eMarketer is also predicting that Amazon's ad growth is going to more than double this year. The research firm notes that the change [...]

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Google Responsive Display Ads Roll Out As New Default Display Format

This week, Google announced that responsive display ads (RDA) is going to roll out to all advertisers over the next few months. Advertisers will provide, just like Google's responsive search ads, several inputs and the ads get assembled on the fly by Google's machine learning algorithms. Up to 15 images, five headlines, five descriptions and five logos can [...]

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