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All Political Ads On Google Will Be Paused Through Inauguration

Google has chosen to pause political ads for a minimum of a week beginning on January 14. Google plans to monitor the situation throughout the week and see where things go after inauguration, were they will probably reassess the situation and see if they need to extend the temporary ban even further. The ads that [...]

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Google Ads Editor v1.5 Is Released Bringing Tools For Ad Strength, Additional Recommendation Support And Image Extensions

In an announcement, Google has released the newest version of Google Ads Editor, v.1.5. Google Ads Editor is a downloadable app that some advertisers prefer over the web interface in order to mange campaigns. Here is a list of what Google Ads Editor 1.5 brings to the table: Filter by account, campaigns, ad groups, or [...]

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Elie Orgel Talks About Leveraging Data For Unique Content

Barry Schwartz spoke with Elie Orgel, the director of marketing at Rosenblum Law Firm, and created a two part series out of the conversation. In the first part, Elie talked about how to get links by leveraging data sources. In the second part, the conversation moved to how to build useful and unique content with [...]

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Elie Orgel Talks About Using Data To Create Pages That Get Links

In this video, Barry Schwartz interviewed SEO Elie Orgel, the Director of Marketing at Rosenblum Law Firm. In this first part, the two talked about both his career and experience, and after that, they talked about he uses data sources that are on the web, but aren't index by Google. These sources create rich content [...]

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Mike Blumenthal Talks About How To Rank In Google Local

This video is the third and final part to the conversation between Mike Blumenthal and Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land, where they talked about tactics, what tactical measures and actions can you take to rank well in Google Maps and Google Local. Mike went on to explain that NAP — name, address and phone [...]

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Drew Madore Feels Google’s Ranking Uses User Experience Signals

SEO professional, Drew Madore doesn't believe that Google does not use CTR and similar signals as ranking signals. Drew feels that Google is using user experience as part of its algorithm. He believes that the search engine is directly using Google Analytics and Chrome data for rankig purposes. Check out the video below:

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How Has “Black Hat SEO” Changed Over The Years

Barry Schwartz interviewed Drew Madore, the CEO and founder of Synergist Digital Media in this video, where the two discussed "black hat SEO," which is SEO that ignores Google's guidelines. The two discussed how much this form of SEO has changed over time, as well as how can one use these techniques in a safe [...]

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