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“Trips” Consolidates Google’s Travel Offerings

During Google's Marketing Live event on May 14, VP of engineering, shopping and travel at Google, Oliver Heckmann, announced the latest efforts to consolidate and simplify travel planning. This effort is known as Trips and is available on mobile and desktop platforms. Trips lets users explore sights and attractions as well as shop for flights, [...]

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Don’t Rely On Google Ads Reporting For Apr 30, May 1

Google Ads users are currently being altered that there has been a reporting issue that affected this week's data. A notice appeared in the web UI at sign-in says, “Google Ads reporting for April 30 and May 1 (Pacific Time) is incorrect.” Google published a blog post with further details around 5:30am PT saying, “On May 1, [...]

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Google Q1 Revenues $36.3 Billion But Miss Wall Street Expectations

It has been reported by Alphabet, Google's parent company, that its Q1 earnings Monday that its shares are sitting at $11.90. The shares exceeded analyst expectations, but the revenue fell short. Alphabet reported an overall revenue at $36.34 billion, which was just short of the expected Wall Street amount of $37.33. The shares were down [...]

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How to Do Storytelling With Large Data Sets

A story without data - a fairy tale, but a large set of data without a story is hard to digest. In this webinar, we will try to show how it could be combined. We will walk through the process of collecting and analyzing large data sets and how to take those insights and present [...]

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Bing Ads Launches New Action Extensions To Highlight Calls-To-Action

Bing Ads has released a brand new ad extension out into the wild. Action extensions launched globally in all supported languages Wednesday and are available on desktop and mobile devices. The action extensions feature one of 70 pre-defined calls-to-action. When on the desktop, action extensions will show up as a button to the right of the [...]

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Bing Ads Bad Account Takedowns Doubled In 2018

In 2018, Bing Ads had doubled the number of accounts that it took down year over year, and suspended almost 200,000 accounts.  Bing Ads even removed 900 million ads and 300,000 sites from their platform, according to its annual report on ad quality. Bing has paid close attention to its clean up efforts last year, focusing on [...]

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