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Bing Ads Launches Mobile Price Extensions

On Wednesday 4, Bing Ads announced the rollout of price extensions. Price extensions appear in text ads that appear in the top spot in mobile search results.  With price extensions, advertisers can show prices for products or services, as well as an up to 25-character description with each extension.  A single price extension is visible [...]

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Bing Ads Editor Getting Support For Account Level Ad Extensions

Back in September of 2017, Bing Ads rolled out account level ad extensions.  With that, advertisers were able to assign an extension across all the campaigns in an account.  There finally is going to be support for them in Bing Ads Editor. Looking at callout extensions, advertisers will be able to associate account-level ad extensions in Editor as [...]

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Bing Begins Removing Sidebar Text Ads On Desktop

Bing will be removing text from the sidebar in desktop search results, which is similar to what Google did.  Beginning March 26, we will not be seeing any more sidebar text ads in the US. Bing, similar to Google, has concluded that by removing text ads in the sidebar, there will be an increase in ads clicks for [...]

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AdWords Now Shows Ad Version History

I'm sure there are many AdWords who, rather than pause or remove old ads and then add new ones, would much rather just edit ads.  Now there is a way you can easily compare all those old ad variations. To check out the new version history screen, which is only available in he new AdWords interface, just [...]

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AdWords Custom Columns Now Available At Keyword And Ad Levels

For marketers, custom columns in AdWords can really help for getting more detailed insights into how their campaigns are performing based on non-standard metric targets.  Advertisers can now create and track custom metrics at the keyword and ad levels in addition to the campaign and ad group levels, which were available since 2014. This update is available only [...]

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Chat Rate Is The New CTR For AdWords Message Extensions

Back in October of 2016, Google rolled out its click-to-message AdWords extension, which was similar to call extensions.  With Message extensions, users were able to message a business directly from the ad. Now, Google has announced formal reporting for messaging.  It will become available in the next few weeks in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia and Brazil.  [...]

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Quora’s Ad Pixel Now Supports Multi-Event Conversion Tracking

This week, Quora has released some updates to its ads platform.  In an announcement by the question-and-the-answer social platform on Wednesday, there mentioned the release of multi-event conversion tracking, view-through attribution and an update to its reporting interface. Let's check out the new features. For multi-event conversion tracking, by using Quora's tracking pixel, advertisers are able to [...]

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