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Microsoft Advertising To Deprecate Average Position After All

After Google Ads said that it would be sunsetting average position, Microsoft Advertising came out with impression share reporting metrics but said it would continue showing average position as well. On January 15, Microsoft Advertising announced that it would deprecate average position beginning in April. The company introduced the slate of position metrics, which Microsoft is calling them [...]

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Google Ads Testing Custom Dimensions To Enable Reporting Based On Your Business Structure

If you are managing large or complex accounts or have extensive campaign naming taxonomies, Google Ads custom dimensions might be able to help simplify your reporting efforts and campaign naming systems. Don't confuse this with custom dimensions in Google Analytics. Custom dimensions in Google Ads lets users append annotations to your campaigns in order to [...]

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Standard Text Ads Will Live On A Bit Longer, Microsoft Advertising Says

It seems that there are still quite a few advertisers with active standard text ads in their Microsoft Advertising accounts. Their end date has been extended. According to Microsoft Advertising, standard text ads wouldn't be be served after 2019, but the company announced existing standard text ads may continue to serve until March 31. For the last [...]

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The Seven Elements Of A High-Converting Landing Page

You have to have a landing page strategy if you are looking to gather leads for your business, and in order to see the greatest return on investment, businesses have to build up effective landing pages. Once these landing pages have been created, they have to test and optimize them in order to maximize conversion [...]

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Google Extends Optimization Score To Display Campaigns

Now available for Display campaigns is the campaign optimization score that Google Ads displays for Search and Shopping campaigns. Scores are available at the campaign level, and a combined account-level score encompasses Search, Display and Shopping. It's possible that you could also see recommendations that are tailored to Display campaigns. Optimization scores in Google Ads are [...]

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Back To Basics: Understanding Your Paid Search Metrics

One of the huge benefits about paid search is that you can track everything. When somebody visits your store after spotting a billboard or TV ad, you won't be able to track that. But when somebody sees a paid search ad and visits your website, you know exactly how they came to your site. Not [...]

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Andrea Cruz Lopez On Google Ads Expanding Match Types

Barry Schartz got the chance to have a chat with Andrea Cruz Lopez from KoMarketing in their Boston office to talk about all the good things around Google Ads. The two kicked off talking about the change where Google Ads expanded more match types back in August. Andrea shared some tips and advice on how to [...]

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