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Drew Madore Feels Google’s Ranking Uses User Experience Signals

SEO professional, Drew Madore doesn't believe that Google does not use CTR and similar signals as ranking signals. Drew feels that Google is using user experience as part of its algorithm. He believes that the search engine is directly using Google Analytics and Chrome data for rankig purposes. Check out the video below:

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How Has “Black Hat SEO” Changed Over The Years

Barry Schwartz interviewed Drew Madore, the CEO and founder of Synergist Digital Media in this video, where the two discussed "black hat SEO," which is SEO that ignores Google's guidelines. The two discussed how much this form of SEO has changed over time, as well as how can one use these techniques in a safe [...]

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Google Ads Set To Limit Search Terms Reporting Due To Privacy

Advertisers have begun seeing alerts from Google saying that they will stop showing search queries that trigger their ads when there isn't a "significant" amount of data. According to a Google spokesperson: “In order to maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data, we have made changes to our Search [...]

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Kevin Lee Talks About Why Digital PR Is Important For SEO

Barry Schwartz as able to talk to search veteran, Kevin Lee, who helped to tend to the search industry. Who is Kevin Lee? Kevin works at DidIt as CEO, Executive Chairman and founder and also the President of Giving Forward. In the following video, he dives into how digital PR is important for SEO, as well as [...]

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This Year, Going Back To School Will Be Very Different

Ever since the pandemic, we have found that our original sense of normality has isn't going to work anymore. Everything is different, and will be so for the foreseeable future. This includes back-to-school. When it comes to heading back to school, things will have to be different. The way things are handled will depend on [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Editor Has Been Updated With Campaign-Level Targeting And Recommendations

Microsoft Advertising announced Wednesday that Microsoft Advertising Editor users can use AI-powered recommendations and campaign-level associations, which can optimize campaign performance and make bulk campaign management easier. Recommendations Using AI, the Recommendations feature will "automatically provide recommendations that will improve your bids, keywords, and ads, boosting the overall effectiveness of your campaigns." According to Microsoft Advertising, [...]

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