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Jennifer Slegg On Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines

Jennifer Slegg, who has been in SEO for over 20 years, was asked to talk to Barry Schwartz about something she was passionate about - Google's search quality raters guidelines. The two even spoke about Google algorithm updates, discussing how it's not always health following them too close. Not only that, Barry and Jennifer remembered [...]

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Brian Ussery Of Razorfish On SEO For E-Commerce Sites

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land sat down to talk about the new evergreen GoogleBot, as well as some tips as well as other things that you should look for when doing SEO for e-commerce sites. In the following video, they talked about two main topics - evergreen GoogleBot and how Google is able to crawl [...]

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Fighting For Your Marketing Budget – The How And Where

Marketing can be a tough game to play. It can be especially difficult when we throw budgets into the mix as well. For some reason, when businesses are trying to cut costs, marketing is an easy target, so it might be one of the first things to go. Just like with any other business area, [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Is Offering Free Stock Images For Audience Ads

If you are an advertiser who uses Microsoft Adverting, and you're wanting more images to use for your search campaigns, you are in luck. On July 21, Microsoft Advertising announced a partnership with Shutterstock that makes over 320 million images available for search campaigns on Microsoft's platform. This will be rolling out for the US [...]

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Google’s Shocking Ad Ban, But It’s Clickbait

Have you ever seen ads or titles that say that "You won't believe what happens!" or "Click here to find out?" If you have, you're going to have to drop those titles like hot potato. Beginning in July, Google is introducing a Clickbait Ads policy as part of the Misrepresentation policy for advertisers. “This policy covers advertisement [...]

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Google To Prohibit Demographic, Zip Code Targeting For Housing, Employment, Credit Ads

According to a company announcement, Google's advertising policies around housing, employment and credit opportunities is being updated. No longer will employment, housing and credit advertisers be permitted to target or exclude their ads from being shown based on demographics gender, age, parental status, marital status or zip code. religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.This [...]

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