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What Are Some Of The Major Google Ranking Signals In 2017?

Those who are keeping up on Google's ranking algorithm knows that it is made up of over 200 different components, or "signals."  This list of signals can get pretty daunting if you're just a regular human with 24 hours in a day. But there's a silver lining to this daunting list - SEO isn't about [...]

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Bing Ads Retiring Campaign Planner In Favor Of Keyword Planner

On July 26, Bing Ads will be shutting down Campaign Planner.  In its place, you'll find Keyword Planner. Bing Ads launched Campaign Planer, which included vertical benchmarks, trending and forecasting data, competitor performance and keyword suggestions in 2014.  But about a year leater, Bing Ads launched Keyword Planner in the US for keyword research, bid and budget estimating. Now, Keyword [...]

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Bing Ads Editor For Mac Is Now Available To Everyone

Bing Ads Editor, which ran in beta in the US since June, is now available globally. For quite a few years now, the Mac version of this desktop editing tool has been at the top of advertisers feature requests lists.  The Mac version has parity with the Windows desktop editor, which includes the ability to manage multiple accounts, [...]

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AdWords Rolls Out Salesforce Account Linking For Automated Conversion Imports

Google had announced early this summer that they were launching, via invite, a way to automatically import Salesforce data into AdWords.  Now, it looks like this function is finally rolling out generally. is an option available under the Linked accounts menu. After getting everything set up, the linking allows the Google Click ID (GCLID) to pass [...]

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AdWords Editor Now Supports More Ad Formats, Device Bidding

With the latest version of AdWords Editor, we see support for various ad formats, as well as the new device bid adjustments for desktop, mobile and tablet. In this newest version of the Editor, app marketers are able to create and edit universal app campaigns in Editor to show app installs ads across Google Search, Play, and [...]

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Google Tests Showing An Overall Health Score For AdWords Accounts

There's a new overview in the Opportunity tab in AdWords being tested by Google that is giving advertisers an "Account Health Score for Search." This feature was first reported by the team at Receptional, a UK-based digital marketing agency.According to Receptional, the idea is similar to WordStream's AdWords Grader, which shows an overall score and a [...]

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