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Snap Minis Have Begun Rolling Out

According to a TechCrunch report, Snapchat has come out with the first set of mini apps on the platform.The lightweight HTML apps “are designed to improve engagement among users by enabling them to perform a range of additional tasks without leaving the Snap app.” This marks the start of a new chapter for Snap, as [...]

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Snapchat Launches Ads Certification Program

In an announcement, Snapchat is launching Focus, the new module-based training for advertising and brands. Focus has been dubbed the place for "everything you need to know about Snapchap ads." “Our new learning portal, Snap Focus, is our most up-to-date resource and destination to learn about the latest and greatest from Snapchat and the community [...]

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Instagram Sees Greatest Gains From Recent Social Media Spikes

Based on some new projections, it seems that Instagram is set to see the biggest gains from increased time spent with social media. Social media, as well as internet usage in general, is on a rise as a result of the orders to stay home due to coronavirus. Time spent with Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat [...]

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Pinterest Overtakes Snapchat in Popularity Among US Users

Pinterest is in third place as the largest social media platform in the US, which is a position that it is expected to keep for the time being. This comes from the latest estimates from eMarketer, who sees Pinterest ending 2019 with 82.4 million users. The company managed to overtake Snapchat's 80.2 million users. This [...]

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Facebook Tests Brand Collabs Tool On Instagram Creators, Snapchat Launches New Ad Format

Instagram Brand Collabs Instagram's parent company, Facebook, want to better support collaboration between brands and influencers. A new test that extends the Brand Collabs tool was only available for Facebook creators is now available to a select group of Instagram creators. The tool is meant to help businesses connect with relevant influencers for branded content [...]

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How to Use Snapchat for Business

Unlike the polished Instagram feeds you’re used to seeing brands curate, Snapchat highlights candid moments that connect users with the people behind your brand. Since photos only last for a short amount of time, there’s no pressure to make a lasting masterpiece that’ll forever appear on your account. Plus, there’s no fancy equipment -- just [...]

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