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How Snapchat Can Win Back The Influencers It Has Lost To Instagram

All those years that Snapchat has been neglecting influencers has really come around to bite them on the behind.  At one time, those influencers offered an opportunity for Snapchat to grow its audiences and even steal attention from other platforms, such as Instagram.  But unfortunately, Snapchat failed to capitalize on the opportunity, and Instagram swooped [...]

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Snapchat’s Lens Studio App Opens Augmented-Reality Format To Everyone, Including Self-Serve Advertisers

Snapchat's Lenses have largely been responsible for popularizing augmented reality.  Since the introduction of Lenses back in September 2015, its in-house team created over 3,000 Lenses.  According to the company, on a typical day, about 70 million people interact with Lenses for more than three minutes on average.  Snapchat is now democratizing the format so anybody, including [...]

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Snapchat Launches Advanced Mode For Its Self-Serve Ads Manager

Earlier this year, it wasn't any secret that Snap Inc had struggled in they eyes of investors since their IPO.  Even though their stock price dropped, Snapchat's Ad features and functionality have had some pretty major upgrades.  On Friday, Snapchat announced a new Advanced Mod for Ad Manager that seems to copy Facebook's Power Editor. [...]

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Instagram Stories Daily Audience Hits 250M, Adds Live Story Replays

According to an announcement made on Tuesday, over 250 million people view Instagram Stories every day.  This is a 25 percent increase since April when Instagram’s 10-month-old clone of Snapchat’s Stories feature hit the 200-million-user mark.  In this case, while Snapchat's daily audience growth has struggled to surpass single-digit percentages, it would seem that Stories' daily audience [...]

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Instagram Stories Tops 200M Daily Users, Now Bigger Than Snapchat

It's been eight months after Instagram copied Snapchat’s Stories, and now, the cloner has now officially become bigger than Snapchat. It was announced by Facebook, the owner of Instagram, that over 200 million people are using Instagram Stories everyday.  Snapchat averaged 158 million daily users in the fourth quarter of 2016.  Of course, this figure could [...]

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