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Twitter Takes Aggressive Steps To Curb Spam & Bot Activity By Blocking Identical Actions Across Multiple Accounts

Substantial changes have been made by Twitter on February 21 that will greatly impact social media managers who oversee multiple accounts and use automation apps to manage their Twitter activity. Twitter announced that it isn't going to permit identical or substantially similar content to be posted simultaneously from multiple accounts. Something else that has been [...]

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Pepsi Takes Top Honors In Twitter’s Inaugural #BrandBowl

It was mere hours after the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII when Twitter announced that Pepsi won the first-ever #BrandBowl. Pepsi, the sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, took top honors as the most tweet-about brand in Twitter's inaugural competition.  I would have to agree that, as the sponsor of the Super Halftime Show, Pepsi [...]

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Twitter Starts Selling Sponsorships Of Individual Publishers’ Moments

Twitter has begun converting Moments into its version of Snapchat's Publisher Stories within its Discover tab. Since debuting the tweet collections and opened it to certain publishers over two years ago, Twitter will now enable publishers to make money from their Moments through sponsorship with brands, according to an announcement by Twitter this week. The new offerings, which are [...]

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Publishers Turn To Ads, Search Following Facebook’s News Feed Change

It looks like there will be plenty of media companies that will be quite affected by Facebook's recent News Feed algorithm change, which is expected to throttle the traffic the social network sends to publishers' sites.  The CEO of Topix, one of those media companies, Chris Tolles, should be freaking out right about now.  In December [...]

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Burger King Whopper-splains Net Neutrality’s Repeal In New Ad

Sometimes explaining things can be difficult.  One of those issues is net neutrality.  Burger King decided to step up and wrap the matter into a Whopper. On January 24, Burger King debuted a new ad with the aim to educate people about net neutrality by translating it into terms anybody would be able to understand.  [...]

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Four Ways To Fix The Social Data Disconnect

For a while now, for the last 15 years in fact, we've been using social data wrong.  We tend to think that since social marketing programs create lots of social data, social programs and social data should fit together.  The fact is, they don't. Social data doesn’t prove social success. And yet most marketers use engagement [...]

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8 Tips For Getting Social Media Ads Right

There are people who complain that the targeted as that are spread across their social media feeds aren't just disruptive, but they are usually irrelevant.  Social media is typically used by most to keep track of friends, and follow favorite artists and other personalities of interest. A good question that is brought up in light [...]

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Social Networks To Face Huge Fines In Germany For Not Removing ‘Illegal Content’ In 24 Hours

As of January 1, Germany began to enforce its anti-hate speech and illegal content law (“NetzDG”), which was originally passed in mid-2017.  This law targets publishers and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, that have more than 2 million members or users. The law, translated as the Network Enforcement Act requires "obviously illegal" material to be [...]

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