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Google Now Wants Larger Images For AMP Articles

Google's article schema document has been update for AMP articles to require larger images in your markup.  Before, the minimum requirement for your image sizes was 696 pixels wide and 30,00 pixels in total.  Now, it's 1,200 pixels wide and 800,000 pixels in total. This is specific to the markup you use for your AMP articles so that they [...]

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Bizarre Review Schema Implementation Spotlights Gaps Between Google’s Guidelines & How Rich Results Really Work

Review snippets, in which review stars appear next to your SERP listing, have been something SEOs have coveted in terms of rich results.  But because many have pursued these review snippets quite heavily over the years, it has lead to a lot of abuse.  Both SEOs and webmasters would try gaining the rich results by implementing [...]

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10 Facts About Rich Results That All SEOs Should Know

Beginning December 19, 2017, “rich results” is the new name for all of Google's special search results features and enhancements, including rich snippets, rich cards and enriched results. These terms aren't new to marketers.  They're intended to make search results stand out by incorporating additional information in the form of pictures, review stars and so forth. [...]

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Google Launches New Rich Results Testing Tool With Some Rebranding

In an announcement mad by Google, a new version of a structured data testing tool for rich results has been launched, and can be found at According to the company, both rich snippets, rich cards or enriched results will be called "Rich results" from now on, grouping them all together. Google said the new testing tool “focuses on the structured [...]

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Google Adds Structured Data For Subscription & Paywalled Content For New Flexible Sampling Program

It was reported early on October 2 that Google is doing away with the old “first click free” program and replacing it with flexible sampling.  Basically, Publishers are being given more options for allowing search users to access their content without hurting ranking visibility in Google search results. With this, Google introduced a new paywall structured data [...]

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Bing Now Officially Supports Fact Check Label With ClaimReview Markup

Bing has announced that they are finally, and officially, supporting the "Fact heck" label in check.  This is powered by the ClaimReview schema markup, and now shows up in Bing search results. A few months ago, it was reported that Bing was adding this to their webmaster documentation, but the label didn't begin showing up in the search results until [...]

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Bing Now Supports ClaimReview Markup For Fact Labels In Search

Nine months ago, Google started supporting the ClaimReview markup, designed for fact-checking review of claims made or reported on on webpages.  Bing has decided to follow suit and has now added support in their markup documentation. The new section for Bing’s ClaimReview says “ClaimReview annotations should be used to convey that the page contains fact check information. This may be used to [...]

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Google Image Search Now Shows Videos And Recipes

Google is now showing videos and recipe data within the image search results.  This was originally something Google was testing earlier this year and now seems to have deployed it on mobile search. In a post by Aaron Bradley on Google+ seems to show this is derived from newly supported schema around your images.  You can now mark up [...]

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