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Bing Now Officially Supports Fact Check Label With ClaimReview Markup

Bing has announced that they are finally, and officially, supporting the "Fact heck" label in check.  This is powered by the ClaimReview schema markup, and now shows up in Bing search results. A few months ago, it was reported that Bing was adding this to their webmaster documentation, but the label didn't begin showing up in the search results until [...]

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Bing Now Supports ClaimReview Markup For Fact Labels In Search

Nine months ago, Google started supporting the ClaimReview markup, designed for fact-checking review of claims made or reported on on webpages.  Bing has decided to follow suit and has now added support in their markup documentation. The new section for Bing’s ClaimReview says “ClaimReview annotations should be used to convey that the page contains fact check information. This may be used to [...]

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Google Image Search Now Shows Videos And Recipes

Google is now showing videos and recipe data within the image search results.  This was originally something Google was testing earlier this year and now seems to have deployed it on mobile search. In a post by Aaron Bradley on Google+ seems to show this is derived from newly supported schema around your images.  You can now mark up [...]

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Google Quietly Expands Rich Cards Worldwide

Google has finally expanded support for rich cards globally.  On March 28th, Google updated the blog post that originally announced this feature back in May 2016.  With this updte, Google has said that rich cards are available globally. Previously, rich cards first launched in the US just for movie and recipe websites.  Over the months, it was [...]

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How Do You Monitor Google Knowledge Graph Changes And Performance

One of the prominent parts of organic search results is Google's Knowledge Graph.  Many searchers these days are pretty used to seeing the panel that appears on the right side of the search results page that provides information about entities, like people, places and brand. There are lists of people and companies who strive to [...]

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Google Has Dropped Product Rich Snippets From Airline Pricing Websites

Action has been taken by Google against airline deal websites like TripAdvisors, Expedia and others for misusing product rich snippets in their structured data markup.  Googled ended up taking manual action against these sites by removing the rich snippets in search results for using this markup when showing price data for fight destination pages. It was confirmed yesterday [...]

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Study Shows 29% Of Sites Face Duplicate Content Issues & 80% Aren’t Using Microdata

Recently, Raven Tools conducted a study that has uncovered some major on-page elements that are being overlooked.  One of the biggest offenders that was pointed out in the study was duplicate content.  The results have identified that 29 percent of websites have duplicate content, and 80 percent of websites don't use microdata. For more detail on [...]

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Google May Add Structured Markup & Data To Ranking Algorithm

When it comes to Google and its search engine trying to understand your content and possibly leading Google to making your search result snippet richer, structured data, structured markup and rich snippets are there to help.  Google's ultimate goal is to increase your CTR from the organic results, all the way to your page. It's been said [...]

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