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‘Quote Tweets’ Have Officially Launched On Twitter’s Main Tweet Display

Recently, Twitter has officially released a totally separate count listing for 'Quote Tweets' on the main tweet display. This includes 'Retweets' and "Retweets with Comments' within the tweet detail. The purpose behind this listing is to provide more transparency on engagement. 'Retweets' have also been changed to 'Retweets and comments." More information about this [...]

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Tweet Reply Controls Are Rolled Out To All Twitter Users

On August 11, Twitter has announced that new tweet reply control options are being released to all Twitter users, and will be available on Android, iOS and versions. According to Twitter, these options will give users better control over the conversations they start. This will allow users to choose who can reply to their [...]

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Twitter Updates Its Warning Prompts On Possible Harmful Tweet Replies

Twitter has announced an update for its warning prompts on tweet replies that potentially contain offensive comments. Twitter was originally testing the new update for detecting offensive comments over the last few months. According to the company, the technology they utilize looks over the language used in the reply that has the potential of [...]

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Twitter Will Strike Down Conspiracy Content

According to Twitter, the company will "take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm." Twitter will be taking action against QAnon's activity across the social media platform. What is QAnon? QAnon is a conspiracy theory that focuses on the belief that an unknown person is revealing how PResident [...]

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Twitter Is Thinking About Subscriptions

Due to a strong quarter, Twitter has had a pretty decent time as they saw a surge in user numbers, thanks to the pandemic and everybody staying home and social distancing. Between April and June, the company saw saw 186 million daily active users. But despite a 34 percent year over year increase in users, [...]

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Twitter Has Returned To Google

After Twitter's big hack occurred, Google had removed the Twitter carousel from appearing in the search results on July 16th. But now, it has finally been reinstated back on Google on July 20th. A spokesperson from Google said that they had removed the Twitter carousel from the search results due to Twitter's security results. It [...]

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Tweet Carousels Get Dropped From Google Search After Twitter Hack

On July 15, a number of big Twitter accounts got hacked, including Ripple, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Apple, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and more. After this happened, Twitter said that most verified accounts can tweet again after they limited the functionality on them while the hack was investigated. You can find more information [...]

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You Can Hear Me Now: Audio Tweets Arrive

On June 25, Twitter debuted voice Tweets. IT's a test and is available to a limited audience at the moment. According to the company, it'll be available to everyone on iOS in the coming weeks. “There’s a lot that can be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope voice Tweeting will create a more [...]

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Microsoft Launches A Free Search And Social Campaign Management Platform For SMBs

In a recent announcement by Microsoft, the Digital Marketing Center is moving past the pilot stage. Digital Marketing Center is designed to help both small and medium sized businesses manage digital campaign across different networks from a single interface. The platform allows small businesses to manage organic social media and paid search and social campaigns [...]

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