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Twitter Introduces Voice Tweets

A new feature on Twitter is being tested which lets users record voice clips to publish as tweets. Voice tweets join the many existing ways in which users can communicate on Twitter includingphotos, videos, GIFs, and plain text. “Over the years, photos, videos, gifs, and extra characters have allowed you to add your own flair [...]

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Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets in Advance

Twitter now allows users to schedule tweets in advance when composing a tweet on the web version of social media platform. Previously, this was a feature that was only available on third-party tools. When users are using Twitter on a web browser, an option will appear to schedule a tweet from the composer screen. [...]

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Twitter to Let Users Choose Who Can Reply to Tweets

Twitter is now testing a new feature that lets users prohibit entire groups of people from replying to individual tweets. Twitter is actively trying to encourage people to try this feature, unlike other test features Twitter is working on. “Unwanted replies make it hard to have meaningful conversations,” Twitter states in an announcement. In [...]

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Twitter Tips: Most Effective Ways to Create Polls

Twitter has come out with more examples of good copy versus bad copy when it comes to writing tweets. This time, these examples are focused on publishing polls. Joe Wadlington, Twitter's Global Creative Lead, hosts what is a monthly video series that contains a lot of Twitter tips. The following is his advice on Twitter [...]

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Twitter Echoes YouTube With Automated Review Processes, Instagram Tests Another Camera Feature

On March 20, YouTube made some efforts to maintain its content ecosystem with automated review process during the COVID-19 outbreak. Twitter decided to do the same by implementing its own moderation process that relies on automation tools to detect and remove violating content. With automatic reviews popping up left and right on multiple platforms, it is [...]

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Facebook Looks To Improve Speech Technology And Twitter’s Latest Effort To Fight Misinformation

The "Pronunciation" Program Facebook, in the attempt to improve its speech recognition technology, is recruiting users to take part of the "Pronunciation" program, which is connected to Facebook's Viewpoints market research app. Facebook wants qualifying participants to record the phrase "Hey Portal" followed by the name of a friend from their friends list. According to [...]

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