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Google Tests “In This Video” Search Feature

Google shows video results in its search results quite often. Google has a feature to show suggested clips, a method to jump you to the portion of the video that answers your specific query. It looks like now, Google is testing showing "in this video," which is a timeline that shows you what sections of [...]

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Google Image Search Launches New Image Preview Box

It appears that, after about a month or so of testing, Google has launched a new design and interface for the image search preview box. This new box displays the image in a larger frame, with more details about the image and other related images. The image search box sticks to the right side, so [...]

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Google May Be Testing Shareable Search Results Snippets

There are some folks who are sharing screenshots on Twitter of a feature in the Google search results that lets you share search results. It as three icons, one to share, one that opens the cache page and one to open the result in a new window. Here are some tweets that were posted about [...]

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Google Launches New Search Menu With Icons

After a few months of testing, Google has begun rolling out the new search bar with icons. Rather than using text to show the various search categories or verticals for news, video, images, maps, shopping and the like, Google displays icons that represent those categories as well. The following image was taken from the PC version [...]

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Google App Actions Expands With Four New Categories

First showed off at Google I/O last year, App Actions is expanding with built-in intents for four new App Action categories: Health and fitnessFinance and bankingFood orderingRidesharing These new intents are aimed at enabling developers to integrate their apps with Google Assistant. Developers can start integrating the new actions immediately. Google says that it will [...]

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Can Searchers Tell The Difference Between Ads And Free Listings? Google Engineer Says ‘Yes’

Over the years, Google made numerous design and layout changes to their search ads.  These changes have caused a grumbling from the search community that changes were done to confuse searchers were thinking search ads are the same as organic search results.  But, according to senior Google engineer Paul Haahr, who said on Twitter, based on the [...]

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