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Burger King Whopper-splains Net Neutrality’s Repeal In New Ad

Sometimes explaining things can be difficult.  One of those issues is net neutrality.  Burger King decided to step up and wrap the matter into a Whopper. On January 24, Burger King debuted a new ad with the aim to educate people about net neutrality by translating it into terms anybody would be able to understand.  [...]

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YouTube Sets Stricter Rules On Videos That Can Carry Ads

Google has announced significant new changes to how it will monetize content on YouTube. This is coming after a series of updates the company implemented in response to repeated backlash from advertisers over the last year. Paul Muret, VP of display, video and analytics acknowledged in a blog post on Wednesday “2017 was a difficult year, with several issues [...]

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How Snapchat Can Win Back The Influencers It Has Lost To Instagram

All those years that Snapchat has been neglecting influencers has really come around to bite them on the behind.  At one time, those influencers offered an opportunity for Snapchat to grow its audiences and even steal attention from other platforms, such as Instagram.  But unfortunately, Snapchat failed to capitalize on the opportunity, and Instagram swooped [...]

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Twitter Will Now Display View Counts For All Videos, Including Ads

Twitter is joining the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in publicly displaying how many views each video on its platform has received.  The announcement was announced on Monday, December 11.  According to a Twitter spokesperson, these view counts appear on both organic videos and video ads, but not on pre-roll ads. 👀 👀 👀 [...]

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Taplytics Now Supports OTT TV App Testing

Taplytics, which makes testing software for mobile apps, is now offering full support for testing Over-The-Top (OTT) TV apps. These apps, like Netflix, CBS or HBO Now, offer TV programs and movies via internet streaming. Taplytics now provides OTT-specfic A/B testing capabilities for those apps on Android TV, Apple TV or Amazon ire TV boxes, as well [...]

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Facebook Debuts Web-Based VR Experiences Within Standard News Feed

Now, when you browse your traditional News Feed, you will now have the ability to enter virtual reality Less a month since Marketing Land reported that Facebook was testing web-based VR within News Feed posts, the social network debuted examples of brands who have developed VR apps that people are able to interact with through Facebook's standard [...]

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YouTube’s FameBit Has A New Sales Boss, Expanded Platform Post-Acquisition

Here's something odd - According to a number of executives in the advertising in the advertising and entertainment industries, influencer marketing platform FameBit has been oddly quiet since being acquired by Google’s YouTube one year ago.  One agency exec even said that they hadn't heard from theme since going over to YouTube.  But now, the company is getting [...]

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