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Get Ready for the Voice Search Revolution!

The world of search is on the verge of massive change. The rise of Voice Search, the Internet of Things, and Digital Personal Assistants are all coming together to change how we search. Imagine a world without search boxes, without browsers, and where you get one answer via voice to your search query. How will [...]

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How Do You Optimize Content For A Voice-First World?

The use of voice search and voice assistants that answer questions have been on the rise for years now, and according to Google, 20 percent of all mobile search queries are voice search, and that number will only go up. These days, the technology behind voice recognition has been getting better and better.  As an example, [...]

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New Search Quality Raters Guidelines For Google Assistant And Voice Search Evaluations

On the Google Research blog, Google has published the search quality raters guidelines, contractors guidelines to evaluate Google’s search results, specifically pertaining to the Google Assistant and voice search results.  It has it's similarity to the web search quality guidelines, the difference is that there isn't any screen to look at when evaluating such results.  Rather, you're evaluating the [...]

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Target Expands Voice-Commerce Relationship With Google To Battle Amazon

In an announcement by Google, there has been a nationwide expansion of its Google Express relationship with Target.  Those users who are in the Continental US can now buy from Target through the Google Assistant and receive Google Express delivery.  The voice-commerce relationship extends to Google Home devices. These features and capabilities are quite similar to those that was announced [...]

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Google Adds Trending Searches And Instant Answers To iOS App

Google has released a new search app update for iOS, adding trending searches and instant answers.  This was noticed by TechCrunch on September 1.  With this update, it replicates the previously introduced Android feature, which apparently resulted in an outcry, which caused Google to enable an opt-out. In the “what’s new” discussion in the iOS App Store, Google says: [...]

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Google Adds 30 Languages To Voice Search & Makes It Possible To Use Emojis With Voice Typing

Google, which is aiming its voice typing technology more inclusive, has added 30 new languages to voice search, bringing the total number of languages support by speech recognition via Gboard on Android to 119. Some of languages that are included are Bengali, Lao, Sundanese, Urdu, Swahili and Amharic.  There is even an ancient language included, Georgian. [...]

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43% Of Millennials Have Made A Voice-Device Purchase In The Past Year

Walker Sands release a new “Future of Retail” report that says that 19 percent of consumers have made a purchase using a voice-controlled deice in the past 12 months.  But when you look at the millennial demographic, that number goes way up.  37 percent report that "they 'always' or 'often' shop online via voice-controlled devices."  Among this [...]

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Google’s Newest Search Feature Serves Up Fun Facts About Animals, Plants, Fruits & Vegetables

February 15th saw the launch of Google's new search feature, which served up fun facts atop search results for animals, plants, fruits and vegetable queries that includ the words "fun facts." From the Google Search Blog: Starting today on Google Search, you can find fun facts about living creatures from around the world, making you the most [...]

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