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Google Search Results Not Fully Rendering For Many Searchers

As of July 24, there was widespread complaints in the Google forums bout the search results not fully rendering when somebody performs a search. This even affected users on mobile as well. Google had confirmed that the company was working on a fix to the problem. At 3:30pm on the 24th, Google posted this tweet: [...]

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Google Brings The Assistant To Waze

Google Maps isn't the only navigation service to have Google Assistant behind it. Soon, Waze for Android will be getting Google Assistant as well. It will be available in English. Although Waze already had voice commands, Google Assistant will enable users to do a number of other things while driving, such as make calls, play [...]

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Reports: Google, Amazon Facing New Antitrust Inquiries In Changed Political Climate

The FTC, after almost two years of investigation and intense lobbying, closed its antitrust investigation of Google in January 2013. Google was able to make some concessions, and even escaped significant penalties. At the time, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said, "The law protects competition, not competitors." But from the moment the decision was made, critics [...]

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Google Q1 Revenues $36.3 Billion But Miss Wall Street Expectations

It has been reported by Alphabet, Google's parent company, that its Q1 earnings Monday that its shares are sitting at $11.90. The shares exceeded analyst expectations, but the revenue fell short. Alphabet reported an overall revenue at $36.34 billion, which was just short of the expected Wall Street amount of $37.33. The shares were down [...]

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Google Bug May Select Unrelated Canonical URLs, Could Impact Indexing

On April 25, Google tweeted that it may have selected canonical URLs for some pages and that bread crumb trails on mobile could show the unrelated URLs. In some rare instances, Google said that this could even prevent proper indexing. The purpose of breadcrumbs is to show the position of a page in the [...]

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DuckDuckGo A New ‘Default Search’ Option For Chrome, Is It Time To Start Paying Attention?

It has been reported that Google has introduced new options into the list of possible "default" search engines available to Chrome users.  One of the most notable possible search engines includes DuckDuckGo. It's true that in the past, users could manually add alternatives to the existing choices, but the overwhelming majority of Chrome users don't [...]

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Google Enables ‘Join Waitlist’ For Restaurants

A "join waitlist" button has been added by Google to selected local restaurant profiles pages. Canadian SEO Sergey Alakov spotted the new functionality, which is provided by DineTime.  In order for the restaurant to participate, they must have a DineTime account. You'll find the button in the same location as "reserve a table."  It isn't clear if there [...]

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Google Tests Ads In Assistant Results

It seems that Google is testing the delivery of ads in Google Assistant results.  Gennaro Cuofano, who performed a search on an Android phone, shared a screen shot that shows an ad for an Executive MBA program in Italy.  On Twitter, he added that the organic results were below the fold and, “The answer on the voice [...]

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