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EU Approves Controversial Copyright Directive Aimed At Google, Facebook, Twitter

A highly restrictive copyright directive has been backed by the European Parliament that is intended to benefit traditional European news publishers and copyright holders at the possible expense of user-generated content and U.S. internet companies, such as Google.  Back in July, an early version of the directive was rejected. In order for the new rules to [...]

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Google Adds New ‘Veteran-Led’ Attribute To Google My Business Profile

Back in March, Google had added a “women-led” attribute to Google My Business profiles.  Veteran-run businesses are now getting the same treatment. On August 27, there was a blog post announcing the new attribute: Google is making it easier to identify your local business as veteran-led on Google Search and Maps. If your business is owned, led, or founded by a [...]

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Google Assistant Will Now Find You ‘Good News’

If you turned on the news, looked at the news on your device, it seems all we see is bad news.  But, in order to fight the perception that we're all but heading downhill, news publishers are running dedicated "good news" sections or newsletters to counter the depressing news. Google has decided to follow suit, and as [...]

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Google Confirms New FAQs, Q&A And How-Tos For Search Results Snippets

It has been confirmed by Google that the company has been busy testing for the past several months a new form of search results snippets: the way the search results appear to searchers.  These new search snippets have taken the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs), questions and questions (Q&A) and How-Tos. Akhil Agarwal first notified Search [...]

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Google Plans To Re-Enter China With Government-Approved Search App

In a report found in The Intercept, Google will be formally re-entering the Chinese search market.  Reportedly, the search company will will offer censorship of keywords and topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese government, such as “human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.” It seems that the talks that took place between Google and Chinese officials have been [...]

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Google Expands Job Search To The UK

It has been announced by Google that the company is expanding Google for Jobs to the United Kingdom.  Google for Jobs had been introduced in the United States a year ago.  According to Google, “We’re excited to bring a new job search experience to Google to connect people in the UK to job opportunities.” Job search features testing began in [...]

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Google Axes Political Ads In Washington state, LinkedIn Does It Globally

According to an article that appeared in GeekWire, Google will pause state and local political ads in Washington state.  This action is in response to a new campaign finance law that requires near “real-time disclosure of detailed information about election ads in response to public records requests.” This is what Google had to say in its AdWords policy update: [...]

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