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Major Bug In Grow By Mediavine WordPress Plugin

In the Mediavine WordPress plugin, Grow, it seems that multiple bugs have been found that interfered with two other plugins, which includes the WP Rocket and Autoptimize plugin. There have been some sites that have experienced a lack of rankings. Sites that previously had rankings in the top page Google carousels have lost their rankings. [...]

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Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

A vulnerability has been found in Google's Site Kit WordPress plugin, but has been patched. The vulnerability allowed attackers to escalate site privileges and attack a victims search visibility, alter site maps, among other things. Google Site Kit displays information about your site within the WordPress Admin dashboard. It aggregates information from Google Search Console [...]

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WordPress Vulnerability Update

An announcement has been made by WordPress that fixes seventeen bugs fixes and seven vulnerabilities. Sites that use WordPress are being updated automatically to WordPress 5.4.1. WordPress patched its software in order to address a number of Cross-site scripting (XSS) script on a vulnerable web page. An XSS vulnerability lets an attacker inject a malicious [...]

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Critical Vulnerability in Rank Math SEO Plugin

A critical vulnerability has been found in the Rank Math SEO plugin, allowing an attacker to gain administrative access. Luckily, this was fixed a day after Rank Math was notified of the issue. In context of a WordPress site, privilege escalation is a reference to a situation like a coding bug, creating an opportunity for [...]

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WordPress 5.4 Will Add Lazy-Loading to All Images

In an announcement made by WordPress, WordPress 5.4 could feature image lazy-loading by default, which enables the "loading" HTML attribute on all IMG elements. WordPress publishers will not have to use JavaScript or third party plugins for lazy-loading their images. The lazy-loading HTML attribute tells a browser to wait before downloading an image, or to [...]

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WordPress 5.3 Adopts Rel UGC Nofollow Link Attribute

WordPress announced that WordPress 5.3, which will make its appearance next month, is going to support Google’s UGC Nofollow attribute by default. Beginning on November 12, 2019, all links in the comments section will automatically use the UGC nofollow link attribute. UGC Nofollow Attribute The UGC nofollow link attribute is a code announced by Google on September 10, 2019 [...]

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Google Launches A Native Lazy-loading Plugin For WordPress

A new WordPress plugin has been released that is designed for Chrome's new native lazy-loading feature. Native lazy-loading lets site owners optimize the loading of images and iframes without the use of custom JavaScript. This new plugin makes the process even easier, allowing a site to support native lazy-loading instantly. The core functionality of the plugin [...]

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Critical Vulnerability Strikes WordPress Ad Inserter

A critical vulnerability was discovered in Ad Inserter, a popular Ad management WordPress plugin. This vulnerability allows an authenticated user as low as a subscriber to execute code on the affected website. It's important that users of the plugin update immediately. This is a screenshot of the WordPress dashboard. In the top left hand corner [...]

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Optimizing WordPress for Bloggers

Casey Markee and Peter Mead will share their knowledge and experience so any and all bloggers with a WordPress blog can benefit from their insights into blog optimization. We will aim to receive lots of questions so please use a form above to submit yours in advance.

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Monetize Your WordPress Website

This episode of “Indian Search Marketing Academy” is dedicated to the topic of how to monetize your WordPress website. Nitin Manchanda hosted JVivek Ahlawat and Kulwant Nagi, they conducted a 360-degree tutorial for an intermediate and advanced audience.

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