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WordPress ‘Strongly Encourages’ Users To Upgrade To Version 4.7.2

The latest version of WordPress' popular content management platform has been released.  This newest release is a security related one that comes just 15 days after the most recent update. This version, 4.7.2, and WordPress’s announcement tell users it’s an important one: “This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you [...]

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WordPress Releases Plugin To Support Facebook Instant Articles

Due to Facebook's eventual launch of Instant Articles to all publishers on April 12, WordPress is preparing for the inevitable wave of interest in the new publishing platform.  WordPress is launching their own plugin that will turn WordPress content into Instant Articles.  Both the WordPress VIP team and Facebook’s media relations team announced the new plugin launch.  The tool will [...]

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WordPress Releases 4.4.1, Strongly Recommends Users Update Immediately

If you use WordPress for self-hosted websites, it's been strongly recommended by the company to immediately upgrade to version 4.4.1, which was released on Wednesday. Here is a statement from the announcement: This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.4 and earlier [...]

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Google Clarifies The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Week, Be A Yes/No Response & More

Closer and closer we are all getting to seeing the launch of Google's mobile-friendly ranking algorithm on April 21st, and will be on a page-by-page and real-time basis. Since this newest update is such a big one (bigger than either Panda or Penguin algorithms), it's pretty natural that this has more than a few webmaster a little nervous. [...]

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10 WordPress SEO Questions That Took 10 Years To Answer!

There are a good number of content management systems and web publishing platforms out there.  Some examples include, but aren't limited to, SharePoint, Metro Publisher, WhichBox and Koken.  But out of all the existing and well-known content and publishing systems out there, WordPress is by far the most popular of them all. WordPress, known originally [...]

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