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Yandex, The Big Russian Search Engine, Releases Vega Update

Russia's largest search engine, Yandex, has announced a new algorithm update named “Vega” that introduced “1,500 improvements to Yandex Search.” According to Yandex, this is the biggest and most significant change to the search engine and that it is bringing in more human elements into search. Yandex said it has “updated the ranking algorithm with neural [...]

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Yandex Upgrades Search Algorithm To Better Understand User Searches

The largest search engine in Russia, Yandex, has announced that they have transitioned to an upgraded search platform named “Korolyov.” With this new update, Korolyov adds two major updates above the Paekh system which rolled out last November Korolyov matches the meaning of a search query to all of the content of a web page. Palekh only looked [...]

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Yandex Opens Its Content Recommendations Platform To All Publishers

Yandex, the Russian search giant, is creating a new publishing platform that allows content creators of all sizes post directly to its Yandex Zen content recommendations feed. Launched back in 2015, Zen uses artificial intelligence to suggest content to each user.  The platform has been integrated into the company's mobile app, home page and the Yandex web [...]

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Yandex Has Launched A New Algorithm Named Palekh That Improves Search Results For Long-Tail Queries

It's been announced by Yandex, through their Russian blog, that a new algorithm has been launched, which is aimed at improving how they handel long-tail queries.  The new algorithm has been called  Palekh, named after a world-famous Russian city that has a firebird on its coat of arms. It's no coinciendence that Yandex decided to name their [...]

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Yandex, Russian-Based Search Engine, Adds Mobile-Friendly Label To Search Results

Yandex has add the mobile-friendly label to their mobile search results, for pages that meed their mobile-friendly criteria.  This will mark Yandex as the third search engine to add this label to their mobile search results.The Russian Search Tips blog reported the change, and said that Yandex announced it in Russian, now making all mobile-friendly web sites show the [...]

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Yandex Penalizes Hundreds Of Sites Selling Links

The largest Russian search engine, Yandex, has been reported to be penalizing hundreds of web sites several days ago, on September 8th.  The reason?  Because they have been participating in selling links to artificially inflate rankings in the search engine. It was reported by the Russian Search Tips blog, all baased on what was found in a Yandex webmaster post.  The link penalty [...]

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Yandex Q2 2015 Revenue Reaches $250M, Up 14% YoY

Russian search engine Yandex has released its earnings for Q2 2015, and it looks like they are reporting a 14 percent year over year increase with a revenue that reaches $250.7 million (RUB 13.9 billion). Yandex's search market share, has averaged 57.3 percent in Q2, and their search queries has climbed 2 percent when compared [...]

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