A Cautionary Tale On Not How To Ask For Reviews

Image For business, reviews are a great way for customers to let other potential customers know if a business place (such as hotels, restaurants, etc) or an online business is good or bad, or anywhere in between.

Business reviews are a great way to get the word out to people because it allows them to see what the company or business is really like, and what is the most reliable source of this kind of information?  Actual people.

But as with anything, they’re always stories of ways you don’t get reviews for your business.  In a post I found on Search Engine Land, there is a story written by Neil Patel that describes what you don’t want to do in order to get reviews.  In this story, we will hear the tale of a boutique hotel owner who strategy for the scourging bad reviews backfired on them.

By listening to his tail, perhaps you can avoid the same fate as long as you don’t do what the teak hotel owner did.  Check out his story by following the link below to Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land: A Cautionary Tale On Not How To Ask For Reviews