Is-Cross-Linking-Multiple-Domains-Going-To-Hurt-Your-SEO-Forward-Solutions-2When you create a website, it’s always a good idea to stick with the same page link and link format.  It’s not a very smart idea to always change links for a couple reasons.  The biggest reason is that Google doesn’t much like or trust it when a link to a site or page (or pages) keep changing.  It’s a bit suspicious.  Search engines aside, it would be a major pain in the butt if you kept changing links to a page, and then realize that any time you shared the url to that page with somebody over email, or over social media suddenly isn’t going to work anymore.  Yup, that’s a pain, and it’s quite annoying for you and anybody else trying to use that link to get to your site or page.

Recently, there was an article, Links That Change Are Trusted Less By Google’s Algorithms, that came about when a tweet from a former Google employee spoke up about link changing.  The tweet read as, “Did you know Google is less likely to trust a link once it has changed from the 1st time it was seen?”  This statement was made by Pedro Dias (@pedodias)

This topic really began taking off like wild fire (it’s sorta like the whole viral idea we’ve talked about before in previous posts) online in the SEO community.  Officially, Google hasn’t made any comment on this statement, but there is good reason to believe that this is true, because there are algorithmic-driven reasons why a person would want to make changes to links.  It’s all about the devil in the detail.s

In an article written by , this topic will be covered and discussed in decent detail for your reading pleasure.  To check Eric’s post out, you can follow the link below.

Search Engine Land: Changing Existing Links: Perfectly Normal — Except When It Isn’t