Changing The Way We Think About SEO

Seo perfect company We have come a long way in terms of searching and keyword usage.  Things used to be so simple back in the day, but now, search is going in a direction that many haven’t expected it to go.  Search is more focused on discovering user intent based on other elements that just simply typing in a search query.  Now, before you even type a single letter into the search box, other elements are being taken into consideration, such as location, search history, mobility, among other things.

 has written an article for Search Engine Land that talks about us changing the way we think about SEO.  With all of these changes and improvements made to the way we search, we should ask ourselves some important questions.  How do we search, and is SEO really on the path of death?

Jenny’s article will make us think differently about we do our SEO and how we deal with things like keywords.  To experience what she has written, check out her article in full by following the link below: