ChatGPT Prompts to Make Marketing a Breeze

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ChatGPT has captured the attention of marketers for its ability to streamline various digital marketing tasks. In this video from Ahref, you’ll discover some of the key ways this AI tool can enhance your workflow. From boosting your keyword research to generating high-quality copy, ChatGPT offers APIs and prompts that make light work of time-consuming marketing activities.

You’ll learn how to leverage ChatGPT to uncover low-competition, high-value keywords and topics through conversational queries. The video also covers how to use ChatGPT as an on-demand copywriter, crafting short-form copy and emails in your brand’s tone and voice. Additionally, you’ll explore prompts for long-form content like blog posts, with ChatGPT providing detailed outlines you can easily expand on.

ChatGPT not only creates content, but also analyzes it. The video demonstrates how to construct effective search queries using Boolean operators to extract key data from websites. You’ll also see how ChatGPT serves as a free marketing consultant, offering insights on everything from ad strategy to email subject lines.

With new use cases for ChatGPT in digital marketing continually emerging, this video shows us some valuable examples you can immediately apply to your workflow. Keep watching to unlock prompting tips and hacks to boost your productivity.

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