In today’s complex and ever changing environment, it’s no small feat to be a successful B2B digital marketer.   This last year saw Google changing the SERP game by shifting visibility to paid advertising, while also changing the core organic algorithm to natively include Panda and RankBrain.

It’s pretty easy to see that search engine marketing isn’t getting any easier.  Top it off with the expansion of marketing technologies, system integrations, and now account-based marketing.  It appears we have an up-hill battle.

There is an article written by  where she offers several proven recommendations that are related to the domination of search engine results pages (SERPs), test, attribution and ROI.

In her article, check out these five tips that offer big wins:

  1. Ensure SERP domination.
  2. Maximize conversions via testing.
  3. Capitalize on attribution insights.
  4. Integrate with the sales funnel.
  5. Understand total ROI with call tracking.

You can utilize these tips to jump-start search results int he new year and start off 2017 with a bang.