Check Out This Guide To Google Ads Lead Forms Extension

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What are Google Ads lead form extension? They are form extensions that shows beneath your search a on mobile and tablet device, allowing a user to provide their contact information directly through your ad on the SERP. This means that the user won’t have to visit a landing page to do the same thing.

With Google’s lead form extensions first launch back in 2019, it’s seen some nice updates meant to improve the mobile experience since then. After all, this update was important since mobile activity has easily surpassed desktop in a number of different markets. This shows that the user experience is incredibly important to any business.

These updates are great because they appease to more than just B2C businesses, they also appease to B2B as well.

So how can we use Google Ads lead forms and make the most out of it? Brooke Osmundson wrote a column for Search Engine Journal that shows us how lead forms work, their pros and cons, and even how to get them set up if you’re just getting started!

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