Check Out This Script For Copying Labels Between Levels

Since most of us have run an AdWords account before, it’s obvious why being able to copy labels between levels is really awesome.

When you’re using a typical account, you’ll be dealing with hundreds or even thousands of campaigns.  Within each of them, there can be thousands of ad groups and keywords.  If you don’t have the proper labeling, it’s very easy for things to spiral out of control, and that isn’t good.

It’ll usually come up quite often when you label a campaign, and then can’t spot the label when looking at all your keywords from the various campaigns you have running.

It’s a good thing that Google updated AdWords Editor so you can filter by campaign and ad group label.  But the problem is, they didn’t apply this awesome change to the web interface.

Even with this labeling addition to the Editor, there are some labeling dilemmas that neither the Editor or web interface can deal with very well.  There are times where you just want to see the label, rather than filter by it, as an example.

Currently, you’re unable to see the keyword and ad labels when looking at campaigns or ad groups.  There are times you would be making major bid adjustments to some ad groups, so after labeling them appropriately, you still find out that they don’t show up on the campaign overview.

Brainlabs is here to help! Here’s a script that will conquer your labeling woes once and for all.

(If you want more details on how to correctly implement the script into your AdWords, go to the original Search Engine Land post)

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