There are account managers who like using the same keyword in multiple match types in their accounts so they can get better bed control or show more relevant ads for queries that are closer to the keywords.

In order to execute the strategy right, bids for each match type have to be kept at a certain level that’s relative to the other match types.  This is called “tiered bidding” or “stacking bids.”  There is a bit of a debate about the merits of this strategy, but some believe, such as , that every advertiser should be able to test it if they want.  Due to Frederick’s job at Optmyzer is giving people technology that will streamline account management he wrote an AdWords Script that can check if your bids are following the expected bidding tiers.

Below is the script that Frederick wrote, but if you’re looking for more information about the script, you can find Frederick’s original post here.

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