Last October,  wrote how you could use a Python script to determine whether a page has been indexed by Google in the SERPS.  In the end, Google’s Gary Illyes wasn’t very happy wasn’t thrilled with the technique that was being utilized by the script.


Soon after, Sean Malseed and his team at Greenlane SEO created a similar tool based in Google Sheets.  After that, John Mueller of Google expressed reservations:


How is it possible to learn what pages aren’t index by Google?  How do we do it in a way that doesn’t break Google’s rules?  It looks like Google doesn’t indicate if a page has been indexed in Google Search Console, and they won’t let us scrape search results to get the answer.  They also don’t like the idea of getting it indirectly from an undocumented API.

So how can we determine which of your site pages aren’t indexed without breaking Google’s rules and guidelines?   shares some of his methods on this matter.  Check out his post on Search Engine Land by following the link I’ve provided below.