google-logo-874x288Several days ago, it was reported that China has not only blocked access to Gmail, but to other Google properties as well.

It seems that the censorship hammer that China has been swinging around lately has even impacted Google Search in China as well.  By checking out Google’s transparency report for Web search access within China there is a notice-able dip in trafic for that property.  Ever since Christmas, the traffic for Google Search has dropped about half from its normal usage.


According to a Google spokesperson, “we’ve checked and there’s nothing technically wrong on our end.”

There are users in China that, when trying to access Google web search, they aren’t able to utilize it since they are being blocked completely.  Luckily, some users are being redirected to Google Hong Kong, but only half of them are being cut off from that.

You can see the traffic drops from Chinese users in this interactive report.

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