choiceWhen you go up to a vending machine, you take your time to select the right item before you decide what to spend your money on, right?  Do you want that Snickers bar, or that 3 Musketeers?  You would want to take a little bit of time before placing your money into that machine.

If you would do that, why wouldn’t you take your time choosing our vendors and agencies?  How about if you were choosing your clients?  You want to make sure that what you’re getting yourself into is something you’re willing to deal with.  If you hated coconut, you wouldn’t be picking a Almond Joy now, would you?

But choosing a vendor, agency, or a client isn’t as easy as picking candy from a vending machine, so it’s pretty easy to say that getting the right match up between you and a client, agency or vendor isn’t always going to be easy going like picking your own choice of candy bar.  The industry  landscape is never going to be the same, as it’s constantly changing, so being able to evaluate and keeping yourself tuned into the current and future states is the best way to make sure that the partnerships you have stay as healthy as possible.

 has written up an article on Marketing Land that talks about the level of introspection that some ageency execs were abl to put into their guidance.  These execs shared their thoughts on the best way s to evaluate and choose agencies, and they shared them with Kendall.

To check out the article, visit Marketing Land by following the link below .

Marketing Land: Choosing A Media Agency: Look Inside & Hold Up The Mirror