linkWith the release of Penguin back in May, digital marketer’s search queries have been affected ever since.  Before the release of the update, you were able to share your site with free web directories where you could an increase of links back to your site.  Definitely a good thing, up until the Penguin update came out and changed all that.  Now, link directory and feed submission are no longing helping your ranking.  What’s more, Google looks at this type of link building as unnatural, even unethical.

 has had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with this update, with fairly expensive results.  After Penguin’s release, he  had received a penalty from Google due to the fact that links had been submitted to some directories.  So after asking the link directory owners to remove their links from the listings, the directory owners wanted to charge hundreds of dollars to complete this request.

So then what are you to do if this happens, or has happened and you don’t want to pay to have your site removed from directories?  Mainak has the answer.

To find out what to do, check out Mainak’s full article on YouMoz: